Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Armaan asking will you leave your wife because of Abhira? Madhav says you are leaving him because of family. They argue. Madhav says bring her for three months. Vidya says no, I can’t bear Abhira now. Ruhi says that is why I made the divorce papers. Vidya says you knew the truth of their marriage, why didn’t you tell me. Ruhi says Armaan asked me not to tell anyone, I thought to handle the matter. Vidya apologizes and hugs him. Ruhi says you have the right to do this, papa can’t see anything wrong with anyone so he is talking about leaving the house. Vidya asks if I bring Abhira back, what about Armaan? Ruhi says he will move on, a girl will come in his life who will be with him for seven births. Madhu says family took advantage of you, you got busy pleasing them and moved away from your papa, we are fighting because you have no courage. Armaan asks are you doing well? Madhav says you don’t know Vidya and my relationship. Grandma is watching.

Abira says I completed the assignment at night, I just have to write the name. Riya comes and says if you want to take a bath, bring water. Abira says yes of course. she goes. Riya saw the file. Abira got ready. She says I left my file here, where is it? Dadi asks Charu to eat food, otherwise how will she take medicine. She says I am worried. Ruhi says we should send her for counselling. Sanjay says you want him to tell everything to a stranger, we are trying to hide it, we can’t show our face to anyone if anyone knows. Ruhi says we can take her to our counsellor, she is famous, I can’t see Charu’s condition. Charu scolded him. Ruhi asks why are you saying this, I just wanted your well, counselor can help you. Charu says Rohit left the world, but Dev is alive, if you don’t like me to talk then let me be silent. she goes. Abira says maybe Riya has kept my assignment somewhere. Riya gives a file to a man and takes money. he goes. Abira shouted. The boy leaves. Abira says you sold my assignment. Riya says sorry, I can’t arrange money, you are seeing hard life here. Abira says I don’t steal like you, I have to do new assignment. Ruhi cries. Vidya holds her. Ruhi says I don’t feel bad, I know she is worried, I want her to get better. Vidya says we know. Ruhi says this is my family, I will never leave it.

Abira writes papers. Papers fly in the wind. She picks up the papers. A man delivers files to Armaan. Armaan sees it and thinks it has Abhira’s handwriting. He checks Abhira’s name. He says get off. The boy asks if the assignment is bad. Armaan says it is my wife’s. Abira says sorry mom I am coming. He hears the girls talking about the tough test taker. She goes and sees Sanjay.

He says call me sir, I am your examiner, what happened, aren’t you happy to know that a reputed lawyer will check your assignment. He asks her about Charu and Dev. He gets angry and scolds her. They start arguing. He steps on her assignment and says I will pass you this test, you have to bow before me and rub your nose on the floor. She says no, how can you do that. He asks if you want to fulfill your mother’s dream or not.

She sits down and pulls out the file. He falls back. She scolds him. He gets up. He says his good masa has kicked you out, you are disgusting. Abira says you and Dadisa have no understanding about children, you both are jailers, and that house is a jail. Armaan comes and runs Abira. Sanjay leaves angrily. Armaan and Abira start arguing. He says I just want you to behave with manners. Abira says yes your family disrespected me and my mom, what happened, did I say something wrong, you think podar is fine. He tells her to be alone and leaves. Abira cries. Sanjay comes and says Abhira misbehaved with me, now she can’t return home. Manisha asks did he misbehave without any reason, you didn’t tell him anything? Armaan says even if Sanjay tells something, it will be Abhira’s loss. Madhav says you didn’t think Sanjay would have done anything, so he did it. Armaan says you are supporting him. Madhav says you don’t care, you got rid of your responsibility. Armaan says no, I did my duty, I have sent the assignment pictures to his professor, they will pass.

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