Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Abhira thinking, “I need to see her face.” He told me to stay away from his matters, but he didn’t say I can’t see her face. She leaves. Manisha talks to Vidya and suggests bringing Abhira to the function since Armaan can’t make it. Vidya disagrees, saying Abhira is not Ruhi. Armaan recalls Abhira and Rohit, pushing Ruhi away. He receives a call, mentioning Rohit. Vidya wonders why Armaan hasn’t arrived yet. Madhav assures her he’ll come, just like he said about Rohit. Vidya feels uneasy, and Manisha suggests calling the Goenkas, suspecting Armaan might be with Ruhi. Manoj dismisses the idea, but Suwarna and Surekha call Ruhi’s friends to inquire. Manish gets a call from Manoj, who asks about Ruhi. Manisha reveals that Ruhi and Armaan are not at home, hinting that something might be going on between them. Vidya scolds Manisha, and Suwarna decides to go to the police station if Ruhi doesn’t return within an hour.

Abhira arrives home, and Vidya questions her about Armaan’s whereabouts. Abhira assures them that Armaan went to his friend’s bachelor party. Manisha suggests calling Gaurav and Saurav to confirm. Abhira mentions she called Armaan, who spoke about Gaurav and Saurav’s party. Krish questions Abhira’s decision to let him go, but Abhira trusts Armaan and advises everyone to relax. Vidya insists on waiting until Armaan returns. Armaan and Ruhi reach the hospital, asking about Rohit. The doctor informs them that someone resembling Rohit is admitted, severely injured. Armaan and Ruhi go to see, but Armaan realizes it’s not Rohit. He breaks down, and Ruhi overhears a father comforting his daughter about her husband’s death.

Back home, Abhira contemplates Armaan, Ruhi, and a girl mentioned in a note. She worries about the lies she told to protect Armaan and bites her nails. Dadi intervenes, advising Abhira to be truthful and not hide unnecessary mistakes. Abhira reveals Armaan is at Saurav’s bachelor party in Ruhaani palace. Dadi finds it strange that Armaan only talks to Abhira. Abhira explains they share the same bed but aren’t a couple, realizing she lied to protect him. Dadi urges her to go and meet Armaan. Manisha informs everyone that Armaan has arrived. Vidya rushes to hug him, expressing her worry. Dadi wants to see if Armaan tells the truth to his wife. Armaan notices Abhira and states he was at a friend’s bachelor party. Vidya scolds him for not informing her. Armaan apologizes, promising to keep her informed. Abhira thinks about her lies and Armaan’s involvement with Rohit. The family is relieved that Armaan is back. Ruhi enters and sees Armaan holding Abhira’s hand.


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