Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Dadi informing everyone that she informed Vidya about the party, and she is getting ready. Manisha comments that Dadi lied to Vidya. Dadi justifies her lie, stating that she can’t tell Vidya the truth. Kajal sends Ruhi to bring Madhav. Dadi notices someone missing, and Armaan mentions Abhira. Vidya notices Madhav’s uniform and questions why he didn’t go to duty. Madhav reveals that he took two days off. Vidya is surprised and asks if SSP is jealous again. Madhav denies it, and Vidya inquires about his junior’s health. Madhav hands her mogra flowers, wishing her a happy wedding anniversary. Vidya is moved and reciprocates the anniversary wishes.

Suwarna discusses past memories with Vidya, and Abhir coughs in the background. Concerned family members offer water to Abhir and inquire about his health. Manish asks about the medicine, and Abhir explains that he has a recurring heart condition managed by medication. Manish suggests considering surgery, and Abhir reveals that he cannot afford it. Manish offers his credit card with a 50 lakh limit, and Abhir expresses gratitude.

Abhira brings Madhav outside, suggesting that he wear a jacket for the occasion. Madhav finds the jacket strange, but Abhira insists and gives him glasses, claiming it looks better. Ruhi witnesses this interaction and scolds Abhira for sending Papa away, as everyone is waiting to surprise Mom and Dad. Abhira defends herself, saying she wasn’t informed about the surprise. Ruhi blames Dadi for the plan, and Abhira decides to confront her.

Madhav arrives, and they turn to find everyone standing. Abhira apologizes, stating she wasn’t aware of the surprise party plan. Kajal and Manisha encourage Vidya to go along. Ruhi frets about what to tell the guests. Abhira emphasizes that Armaan’s parents deserve time alone, and Ruhi argues about living in society. Vidya hesitates, but Abhira insists that she should go with Madhav, claiming it was his plan. Vidya reluctantly goes with Madhav, and Abhira pleads with her not to break Madhav’s heart.

The family members discover a ringing phone and find a call meant for Abhir. The caller instructs Abhir not to settle there but to act and loot them. Manish is shocked, recalling Abhir’s actions. He confronts Abhir about his involvement and asks him where the real Abhir is. Abhir claims he doesn’t know the truth and that he was just following orders. Manish is distressed as Suwarna questions him about the call. Manish admits that the person with them wasn’t Abhir, realizing something felt off when he hugged him.

Abhira recalls Vidya’s words as Ruhi comes to argue with her. Armaan observes silently. Ruhi berates Abhira, reminding her that her marriage with Armaan is only for a year. Abhira cries, and Armaan follows her. Abhira vents her frustrations to Udaipur, revealing that her marriage is merely a compromise, and she plans to end the relationship after a year. Armaan stops her, suggesting that revealing the truth to the family is different from telling Ruhi. Abhira questions why he confided in Ruhi instead of her. Armaan defends his choice and expresses regret. Abhira cries, claiming Ruhi was right, and she decides to leave, realizing this isn’t her family, home, or friend.

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