Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Kashvi scolds Arjun and blames him for Adi’s fall. Arjun denies doing anything wrong. Adi comments that for once, Arjun didn’t do anything. Arjun suggests helping Adi to his room since he has a performance. They assist Adi to his room. Dadi and Sushma arrive there. Sushma asks if Adi is okay. Kashvi informs Adi that he has a sprained foot. Dadi mentions Adi’s dance performance for the sangeet. Kashvi disagrees, saying Adi can’t dance due to his injury. Adi insists on dancing with her and tries to stand up, but Kashvi stops him, fearing it might worsen his pain. She decides to cancel the performance and informs the announcer, leaving Arjun pleased.

Kashvi approaches the announcer but finds out that the dance performance has already been announced, and the song is playing. She plans to speak with the announcer, but Arjun arrives wearing a mask and a sherwani like Adi’s. He puts his hand on her shoulder, pretending to be Adi. They start dancing. Arjun remarks that Kashvi recognized his touch despite her denial. He urges her to accept his love. As they dance, everyone applauds. Arjun realizes he needs to make Kashvi talk to someone and forcibly takes her aside. Kashvi insists she doesn’t love him and has no feelings for him.

Arjun accepts her decision but warns her against marrying the wrong person. He reveals shocking details about Adi’s violent behavior towards his wife, including keeping her tied up. Arjun insists that if Kashvi had seen the evidence, she would believe him. Kashvi accuses him of trying to sabotage her marriage. Arjun suggests consulting Karun for the truth. He changes clothes and brings Karun to confirm Vansh’s situation. Karun shares everything with Kashvi. She asks if he saw Vansh’s father, but Karun denies it. Arjun insists Adi is hiding something and urges Kashvi to give him a chance to expose the truth. Reluctantly, Kashvi agrees.

The next day, Adi visits Kashvi’s office to sign some papers. Kashvi questions his actions, but Adi says he’s taking his mother shopping. Kashvi suggests joining them, but Adi insists they’ll go alone as he needs rest for their wedding the next day. Arjun suggests following Adi, but Kashvi hesitates, not wanting to spy. Arjun convinces her to come along. They follow Adi to a location where he receives a call. Arjun suggests Adi might be hiding Nisha and Vansh in the house. Kashvi calls Adi to inquire about his whereabouts, and he lies about being at the mall. Arjun suspects Adi’s deception and threatens to involve the police. They confront Adi at a location where he’s talking to someone, accusing him of lying and betraying Kashvi. Arjun vows to expose him.

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