Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Yeh Hai Chahatein 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Arjun asks Kashvi, why did she lie that she doesn’t love him. He asks why did she hide her feelings. Jagdish doubts Shanti and says why is she taking revenge from Karun. Arjuna swears to Kashvi to express his love.

A few hours ago:
Arjun tells that Karun is suffering due to the attacks and says I will not leave the attacker. Mahima tells Vishal that she will file for divorce very soon and then he can introduce her to his family, and they can get married. She hugs him. Vishal said yes and smiled. he goes. Arjun calls Mahima and asks where is she? He says he went to Toshi Dadi’s house, but found that she has gone to Haridwar. He asked where is she? Mahima says she is in Hotel Royal Palace and tells the room number. She asks him to come and see how Vishal kept her. Aditya tells Kashvi that they have to get a fake divorce for a fake marriage and asks him to sign it. Kashvi asked why are you doing this? Aditya tells that he cannot bear that she is in love with someone else. He emotionally blackmails her and tells her that he has accepted that she doesn’t love him. He says let it end, and asks her to sign the divorce papers. Kashvi sees. Aditya turns to leave and thinks she will be guilty that my life is ruined and he will never leave me, and smiles.

Jagdish asks Shanti not to do the wiping work and only do the Karuna work. Shanti says she feels she is her family and that’s why she does housework. Jagdish asks her to turn on the geyser and tells that Karun has to take bath and go to school. Shanti goes and pours floor cleaner mixed with oil on the bathroom threshold. Karun comes there with Jagdish and is about to run inside the bathroom, when Jagdish asks him to take his clothes. Romila comes there and insists on taking bath as there is some problem in her bathroom. She tries to get in and falls, stepping on the liquid. Afraid of getting caught, Shanti explains that she accidentally spilled a lot. She takes Romila to the floor. Jagdish touches the floor and feels that there is something mixed in the floor cleaner. Shanti comes back and cleans the floor.

Arjuna comes to Mahima. Mahima asks if Karun could not live without her. Arjun says Karun is very happy and living a good life without him. Mahi asks him to go. Arjun tells her that ever since he left, Karuna is being attacked everyday and tells about it. He explains that zoo officials haven’t hired the teddy, and says how many people know it was his favorite character. Mahima says I am his own mother and he is my own son. Arjun says you want to get custody of Karuna and lose me. She tells that she is living a luxurious life and doesn’t want Karun and wants a divorce from him. She says that Vishal is giving her a good life. Arjun says then who is involved? He then warned her that he would kill her if she got involved. he goes. Mahima follows him and tells that she loves Vishal the same way Kashvi and you love each other. She asks him to bring Kashvi back into her life. Arjun asks why are you talking nonsense and says Kashvi doesn’t love me. He says you are playing with my emotions. She says she used to explain to us so that we could be like a family. He says Kashvi doesn’t love me.

Mahima says Kashvi is a goddess and she never told you that she loves you always. She says you never knew that Kashvi loves you, you both got married and lived many moments. She says you came close to me and we had a child, and Kashvi leaves. She says you didn’t realize that Kashvi loves you from day one. She says she doesn’t care anymore, because she was afraid of losing him before. She swears at him and tells him that since they were in school and college, Kashvi loved her, even though he loved her (Mahima). She says Kashvi was your friend to you, but you were the love of her life and first love. Arjun says no, Kashvi must have told me. Mahima says that she is a sacrificial goddess and that’s why she didn’t tell because she knew that he loves her. Arjun asks her not to lie and grabs her neck. Mahima calls him a fool and says everyone knows that she loves you and you don’t. She says Kashvi saved you from the rape case, and fought for you and your son. She asks him to go and ask Kashvi, if he has guts and if he has guts then she will accept him.

The doctor checks Romila and says she needs bed rest. Romila regrets Arjun going to the bathroom. Jagdish thinks that the house was set up for Karun to get oil, and thinks to find out. He goes to the bathroom and checks the bottle of liquid. He goes to the bathroom and sweeps the floor in the trash

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