Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Arjun is shocked when he sees a photo of Adi with another woman. He tells Kashvi that she must leave Adi and cancel the marriage. Kashvi is surprised and asks why. Arjun reveals that Aditya is already married.

A few hours earlier, Arjun questions Vansh about his father’s whereabouts. Vansh explains that his father locks his mother in a room and hasn’t returned for two days, leaving them hungry. Arjun decides to help and finds the keys behind a voodoo doll. He opens the lock, allowing Vansh to hug his mother.

Romila enters Micky’s room and asks him about a phone she found in his cupboard. Micky avoids the question and mentions killing Simran, shocking Romila. He confesses that he overheard Arjun wanting to divorce Mahima and marry Kashvi. Micky decides to reveal the truth to Aditya to unite Arjun and Kashvi, feeling responsible as a brother.

Micky questions Romila about Simran’s murder, expressing his love for her. He reveals overhearing Aditya’s conversation and decides to inform Aditya about his impending marriage. Kashvi later discusses the guest list with Adi, who mentions keeping their lives separate, especially from his mother. Micky, determined to stop Aditya and Kashvi’s marriage, retrieves Aditya’s diary and contacts his mother.

Micky threatens Romila with jail time for Simran’s murder if she interferes. Vansh reveals that Karun’s father saved him and introduces his mother, Nisha, who is tied up. Nisha warns Arjun about her influential and angry husband, and Arjun decides to seek police help to relocate her.

While searching for evidence, Arjun accidentally knocks down photo frames. He discovers Aditya in Nisha’s wedding album and learns about their troubled marriage. Nisha shares her story of love turned into suspicion and abuse. Arjun decides to talk to Kashvi about this revelation.

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