Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Jagdish informs Mahima that Arjun is in a critical condition, undergoing examination by the doctor. He expresses disappointment in Mahima’s preoccupation with her public image rather than concern for Arjun’s well-being. Accusing her of trapping Arjun with a selfish attitude, Jagdish questions whether she has ever understood his pain and sorrows. He criticizes her priorities, pointing out her focus on shopping and visits to the beauty parlour, and contrasts her behavior with Kashvi’s selflessness.

Jagdish emphasizes that Arjun may only be with Mahima for their son Karun’s sake, and warns her that she must change her ways or risk destroying everything. He holds her responsible for any harm that may befall Arjun. Mahima dismissively refers to Jagdish as a mad guy, criticizing both him and Arjun’s apparent lack of intelligence.

Later, in Arjun’s hospital room, Mahima discusses her concerns with Karun, subtly manipulating his emotions. She implies that whenever they are around Kashvi, something goes wrong. Karun defends Kashvi, praising her as a superwoman who has always protected him. Mahima, angered by Karun’s loyalty to Kashvi, instructs him to go to her.

In the hospital, Kashvi volunteers to donate blood for Arjun, and the doctor approves. Meanwhile, Jagdish and others anxiously await Arjun’s recovery. Dadi reassures everyone that Arjun will be fine, and Adi tries to lift their spirits. Kashvi donates blood, emotionally looking at Arjun as she does so.

After the procedure, the doctor announces that Arjun is stable, and Karun rushes to see him. Jagdish inquires about Arjun’s consciousness, and the doctor assures him that Arjun will awaken soon. Dadi suggests Kashvi prepare for the engagement, but Kashvi prioritizes Arjun’s well-being. Adi, conflicted by Kashvi’s actions, decides to talk to her and clarify his intentions.

Arjun regains consciousness, and Kashvi is by his side. Karun expresses gratitude to Mata Rani for his father’s recovery. Kashvi and Arjun share a moment, but Mahima observes with disdain. Arjun reassures Kashvi, and Romila questions Mahima’s reaction.

Outside the room, Romila advises Mahima to mend her relationship with Arjun, suggesting that Adi and Kashvi may not get engaged. Mahima, realizing the potential loss of Arjun, contemplates her next move.

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