Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Mahima asks Karun if he wants to invite someone to his party. Karun says no and asks if Dad will come in the evening. Mahima shouts and asks why he always calls Dad. She tells him that Dad will come. Karun suggests inviting Kashvi aunty to his birthday, but Mahima refuses, saying Kashvi is busy and can’t come. She thinks if she refuses, Karun might take Arjun with him, so she decides it’s better to go with him. They go to Kashvi’s house and invite her for Karun’s birthday. Arjun and Micky see them and decide to leave before they’re seen.

Karun wishes Sunaina and asks why they’re dressed oddly. Mahima tells him not to speak like that. Kashvi introduces them as Sunaina and Gayatri Devi. Arjun pinches Micky to stop him from coughing and takes him to another room.

Karun invites Kashvi to his birthday party on 5th Feb. Kashvi remembers that Karun’s birthday is the same day she lost her baby. She goes to her room and thinks that’s why she feels connected with him. She wonders why Aditya hasn’t called her yet. Sunaina offers Kashvi a massage, and Kashvi agrees. As Sunaina massages her, Kashvi thinks about her past. She thanks Sunaina for the massage and leaves.

Arjun discovers that the flights are cancelled, surprising Sushma. Kashvi arrives, and Sushma asks her if Adi has contacted her, mentioning Sunaina’s comment about the cancelled flights. Kashvi reassures them that Adi is smart and must have found an alternative means of transportation. She tells Sunaina not to involve herself in family matters, especially since Sushma is unwell. Arjun reflects on telling Kashvi the truth and wonders where Aditya is.

Arjun plans to go to the office to find out about Aditya. He forgets to remove his earrings and is caught by Kashvi when she arrives. Kashvi questions why he’s there when he’s supposed to be on a mission. Arjun asks about Adi, and Kashvi explains that her husband is on a confidential mission. She goes to her cabin, worried about Adi’s silence. Jai informs her about a blast at a safe house, and they rush to the scene. Kashvi realizes the safe house wasn’t assigned to anyone and suspects foul play. She hears a noise and finds Aman/Aditya tied up.

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