Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Adi and Kashvi are in the midst of their engagement when Arjun, under the influence of alcohol, tumbles down the stairs and sustains an injury. The ring falls from Kashvi’s hand as she rushes to Arjun’s aid, calling out his name. Adi is left shocked by the unexpected turn of events.

A few hours earlier, Kashvi contacts Adi, informing him that she is at City Hospital with Karun, who fell ill. Adi decides to go there immediately. Dadi questions the reason for Kashvi being at the hospital, and Adi explains that she brought Karun for treatment. Jagdish and others arrive at the hospital later. Kashvi, upon spotting Mahima, accuses her of being careless and giving Karun a double dose of medicine. Mahima, unaware that Karun’s illness is a secret, feigns innocence. Romila supports Mahima’s claim, stating that she administered the second dose. In Karun’s ward, Mahima and Romila continue to deceive, with Arjun questioning Kashvi’s accusations.

Arjun’s outburst leads to a revelation, as Mahima exposes the truth about Romila giving the second dose. Despite the drama, Karun appears fine, and the family decides to take him home once he recovers. Adi thanks Kashvi for saving Karun, and Mahima, plotting behind the scenes, remains determined to keep the family in the dark about Kashvi and Arjun’s relationship.

Later, at the restaurant, Anupama witnesses a short circuit that eventually leads to a fire. Despite her efforts, the fire becomes uncontrollable, and Anupama calls for help. Yashdeep arrives, and they manage to evacuate the area. Anupama, however, faints due to smoke inhalation.

Meanwhile, Kashvi, Adi, and others celebrate Adi’s engagement. Kashvi, feeling overwhelmed, goes to the washroom, where Arjun confronts her. He questions her about her impending engagement, and Kashvi, lying, claims to have moved on from their past. Arjun challenges her engagement, declaring that he won’t let her wear the ring. Kashvi, defiant, accepts the challenge.

As Kashvi gets ready for the engagement, Arjun unexpectedly appears in her room, creating a tense atmosphere. He helps her put on the engagement ring, and Kashvi is perplexed by his presence. Arjun insists on seeing her engagement, convinced that it won’t take place. Kashvi retorts, stating that Adi and she will get engaged in front of him.

As Kashvi gets her makeup done, Arjun intrudes into her room. He playfully places a ring on her finger, asserting that her engagement won’t happen. Kashvi, irritated, asks him to leave. However, Arjun insists that she still loves him and challenges her to wear the engagement ring in front of him.

In a surprising turn, Arjun throws juice on Kashvi’s yellow dress, expressing his disbelief in her love for Adi. The atmosphere becomes tense as Kashvi grapples with Arjun’s accusations and the impending engagement.

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