Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Yeh Hai Chahatein 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Kashvi hears Karun’s scream and comes into the cage. She gets upset seeing him in the tiger cage. She tells him not to make a sound, otherwise the tiger will get angry. She asks him to sit like a statue, and says I will think what to do. She looks for the keys. She sends a voice message to Arjun and goes to get something. Shanti thinks it is amazing that Kashvi came here, now she will see him die and then I will tell her that Karun is her son, then her pain will be so much. Kashvi brings the zoo keeper there and asks him to open the lock. The zookeeper explains that he doesn’t know how he got in, the key to the lock is missing. Shanti says you have killed my husband and child, I am taking only one life in return. Kashvi asks Arjun to break the lock and not go inside, till she comes back. Arjun breaks the lock. Kashvi brings the meat with the help of the caretaker and says it is tiger food. She says we will distract the tiger like this. Arjuna and Kashvi enter and throw the meat to the other side. The lion goes there and sits down to eat. Arjun picked up Karun and took him outside. Shanti gets shocked and thinks they all survived. She gets worried and thinks before they catch her.

Thanks to Karun Kashvi and Arjun. Kashvi asked Karun how he got inside. Caron tells him that he was playing with Teddy, he doesn’t know how he got inside the cage, and then Teddy leaves. Arjun says I asked him to play with Teddy. Kashvi says she has not seen any teddy since she came here.

Mahima tells Vishal that she really liked the place and thanks for bringing her to the hotel. She goes to the washroom. Vishal sees his mother and gets worried, thinking that if she complains to Papa, he won’t give her the money. He thinks to stop his mother. He goes to her. His mother asks if he came alone or with his friends. Vishal says the food here is bad, and asks her to come. Her mother says I heard good about this hotel and my friends are coming here in 10 minutes. Vishal says we will leave from here. Mahima comes there and says who is he? She calls Vishal.

At home, Arjun tells Kashvi that he spoke to the zoo officials, and they said they didn’t call any Teddy there. He explains that the man in the teddy outfit played all the games well, and distracts Caron and takes him there. Kashvi says if this is happening for the first time. She says that first he met with an accident, then he was kidnapped by a gang of beggars and now someone has turned Teddy and left Karun in a tiger cage. She says everything is well planned and says there is a mastermind. Arjun says Mahima is the mastermind behind it, so she wants to build a strong base to win his custody. Kashvi says Mahima is a mother and will not do this to her son. She says she was sleeping in Dadi’s house when I told her about Karun’s abduction. She says Mahima can’t plan all this. Arjuna says then who can be that person. Shanti hears them and says you can’t save Karun, I will keep attacking him and he has to die.

Mahima asks the lady where she is taking Vishal. Vishal’s mother says that she is his mother. Mahima calls out to her mother and touches her feet. His mother asked who is it? Vishal says she is a hunter and tells that she is following him and insists on marrying him. His mother says they will leave here. They’re gone. Mahi gets worried.

Kashvi comes to Arjun and tells that she has brought bodyguards for Karun, and tells that Veer and Sheera will stand outside the house and escort him out whenever he wants to leave. Arjun appreciates Kashvi for his idea. Shanti hears and thinks she will kill him at home. Kashvi sees Shanti and tells Arjun that she heard us. She calls Shanti and asks her not to tell anyone about the bodyguards. Shanti checks the file given by Arjun. He learns that Karun is allergic to almonds. She makes almond pudding and says now Karuna will die. Romila comes there and tells Shanti that she is going out. Shanti asks her to give pudding to Karun. Romila gives pudding to Karun. Caron eats it. Shanti thinks now Karuna will die, it is fixed. Karun is not breathing and asks for water. She calls Baba. Shanti is happy and says as he dies I will be avenged. Caron tries to take water and falls on the ground.

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