Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Mahima contemplates meeting the owner of the company, determined to keep her actions a secret. Dadi questions Kashvi about Karun’s lineage, and Kashvi reveals that Karun is the son of Mahima and Arjun. She narrates the circumstances of Karun’s conception and how Arjun married Mahima upon learning about her pregnancy. Dadi expresses relief that at least Karun’s life has improved and expresses a desire to meet him, to which Kashvi agrees.

Mahima encounters someone and accuses them of troubling her, mentioning her assistance during a potential raid on the factory. Arjun unexpectedly interrupts the conversation, turning on the lights. Mahima panics, realizing that Arjun has discovered her deceit. Arjun confronts her, expressing disbelief at her actions. He recounts the suspicions he had and the incriminating phone call he overheard, realizing Mahima’s betrayal during a mission. Arjun is determined to expose Mahima and bring her to justice.

During the night, Karun wakes up and realizes Arjun is missing. Distraught, he searches for his father. Kashvi and Dadi arrive, reflecting on the good and bad memories associated with the place. Mahima tries to justify her actions, admitting to her insecurities regarding Kashvi. Arjun, disgusted by Mahima’s selfishness, slaps her when she professes her love. Karun intervenes, defending his mother, and Arjun pushes Mahima away, declaring that she must leave.

Dadi questions the commotion, and Mahima claims Arjun is throwing her out. Arjun attempts to explain, but Dadi criticizes him for not changing his ways. Kashvi learns the truth from Arjun about Mahima’s betrayals. Despite Arjun’s plea to take Karun away from Mahima, Kashvi decides to take them to her house, concerned about the impact on Karun. Arjun is left devastated as Karun chooses to leave with Mahima.

In Kashvi’s room, Mahima feigns sorrow, blaming Kashvi for the situation. Dadi chastises Mahima for her actions, reminding her that she broke Kashvi’s home. Mahima complains about favoritism and questions Dadi’s support for Kashvi. Dadi dismisses Mahima’s accusations, asserting that Kashvi has a pure heart. Mahima wonders why Dadi came and hopes Arjun realizes his mistake and calls them back.

Arjun regrets losing his temper and acknowledges Kashvi’s advice. He realizes he can’t let Karun stay with Mahima, fearing she will negatively influence their child.

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