Udne Ki Aasha 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Udne Ki Aasha 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Udne Ki Aasha 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Paresh calling Sachin and asking him to come home. Sachin says I have to work, I can’t miss my rides. Paresh says ok come home soon. Tejas says I m fine. Renu says don’t lie, I saw you begging for food, I made vows for you, found you in this condition, what happened? she cries. She says I thought you went to Canada and happy, police came to verify passport, I got to know you are not in Canada, you are here in this condition, why, you have money, tell me. , what are you doing here? . Siali says I will make tea for you. Paresh says no, Sachin will be coming, you two go out anywhere, temple. She gets tensed. He says you didn’t go out anywhere with him, go, stay together. Renu asks Tejas to say. Tejas cries and says I lost everything, he betrayed me. Rino asked what are you saying? He tells her everything. He hits and scolds her. She says you lost money, how did you become so stupid? He says yes I am stupid, hit me.

Paresh called Sachin. Sachin comes home. Paresh says go and take bath, take Siyali to temple. She says she knows the temple, she can go herself. Paresh says ok. Siali says I will go myself. Sachin says thank you. Paresh says you have to take her. Sachin says you come along. Paresh asks why, my wife is with me to go to temple, you take your wife. Sachin asks Siali to come. Tejas says sorry ai, I didn’t think she would cheat on me. He apologizes. Renu says its not your fault, don’t cry, I had big dreams for you, you will take crores of rupees and give me, but today you are here like an orphan.

She tells him about Siyali’s marriage with Sachin. She says I would have taken you home, but you lost all money, stay here for some days, I will take you home later, find some work for yourself, keep this money, don’t worry, I am here. . She leaves. Renu sees Sachin and Siyali going on a bike. She asks Paresh what is happening. Paresh joked. She argues. He says that there is no problem between Sachin and Siali. He leaves smiling. Sachin and Siali are arguing on the road. He saw a couple riding a bike. He sees the woman holding her husband’s waist. He comments on them. Siali says they are new couple, you don’t see them. He says he will crash the bike somewhere, he will die and then his family will cry. She asks him to stop the bike. She scolds him. She asks is it normal that if a man dies in a family, when I lost my father, my life is ruined, I married you. Sachin says you are saying as if you are chained. She says yes, it is a mangalsutra chain. They argue. He says I am going, you go to temple. She takes the bike keys. She insists on leaving him. He says I will leave you at the stall. They come to the temple. They meet Shobha and Juhi. Juhi appreciates him. Shobha calls Siali and Sachin home. Sachin says I am busy with work, I came today on dad’s request, you can call your daughter home anytime.

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