Udne Ki Aasha 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Udne Ki Aasha 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Udne Ki Aasha 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Sachin saying that I have everything, my life is fixed, I am happy. His friends tell him to value Sialya. Sachin says I didn’t say I want to get married. Paresh tells Siali to go and sleep, Sachin might be late. She says no I will wait. Parish says that if he gets a long ride, he will take more time. she goes. Renu comes and sees. Sachin comes home drunk. Paresh sees her and asks her to tell the time. Sachin says it is 1 am. He makes fun of Tejas. Paresh asks is it time to come home? He scolds Sachin for coming home drunk. Sachin says you stand here, Siyali is sleeping, I will see her. Paresh says I thought you will change, but you are more drunk. Sachin says you got me married. Paresh says you are disturbing Sali, will I see you like this till I die? Sachin says don’t say that. Paresh gets emotional and cries. He says Sally has lost her papa, she is afraid of you, what will her mum think if she finds out, I got her married to my drunken son. He lectures Sachin. Sachin went to his room feeling sad. He saw Siali sleeping and woke her up.

She gets scared. He asked, are you drunk? He scolds Parish for complaining about him. She says I didn’t say anything, didn’t yell at her. He says I will shout. She says don’t get angry on me, scolded because of your mistake. He says don’t say that, my dad loves me a lot. They argue. He raises his hand and stops. She asks why did you stop, hit me. He says I should not have come to marriage venue that day, you came into my life, leave. He collapses on the bed.

Sulei is sad in the morning. Paresh greeted him. She says I want to go to my mom’s house, I miss her. He says ok, go, where is Sachin, did he wake up? She says yes. He says then tell her and go. She goes into the room. Sachin gets refreshed. She says I am going to my mom. He says ok, go, there will be peace here, better you go, don’t tell me about it. She says I did not come to take permission. He asks her to leave. She leaves.

Paresh calls Sachin and asks him to drop Siali. Siyali says I will go. Sachin says I have a lot of work. Paresh insisted him. Sachin asks Siali to come. Paresh smiled. Renu asks what is happening, your son came late, okay? She asks where did he go? Parish says they are husband and wife, and can go anywhere. Sachin leaves Siyali. She goes home and meets Shobha and Juhi. She sees Alok’s picture and starts crying.

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