Udaariyaan 9th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 9th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Udaariyaan Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Aasma crying. She expresses that she never wished bad for anyone. Armaan, also in tears, questions why Matarani did this to a mother, as he had prayed for them. He sits on the bridge railing, drinking. Ekam consoles Aasma, explaining that the baby wasn’t responding, so the doctors couldn’t do anything. Meanwhile, some goons notice the baby in the river and remark that they were saved because of her, blessing the baby before leaving. Armaan starts feeling dizzy and accidentally falls into the river. He remembers Aasma’s words and hears the baby crying. Spotting the baby in a basket, he rescues her from the river. Overwhelmed, he declares that she is his daughter, realizing she has given him a reason to live.

A few days later, Ekam, Aasma, and Zaid visit the Gurudwara. Zaid expresses his desire for balloons, so Ekam takes him to get some. Rano comments on how the baby has changed Armaan completely, as he hasn’t touched alcohol in 10 days. Sukhi agrees, stating that the baby is the reason Armaan is alive. Aasma and Armaan hold their babies while praying in the Gurudwara. Aasma walks ahead with Armaan following behind. The baby grabs Aasma’s dupatta, but they don’t notice each other due to a lady coming between them. Eventually, they leave, and Ekam and Zaid return with balloons.

Five years later, a procession takes place, with Zaid portraying Shiv and sitting in the Jhansi chariot. Aasma is seen feeding paratha to Zaid while searching for her daughter. The girl, who is revealed to be named Hamiya, showers flowers on Aasma. Aasma informs Hamiya that she’s going to the clinic and asks her to take care of Zaid in her absence. Hamiya assures her and tells Zaid to look after his sister. Aasma leaves for the clinic and hands over food to the guard. Inside, she meets Simmi and informs her that her advanced nursing course is completed and she expects her salary to double. Soon, a couple rushes in with their son, who has ingested pesticide accidentally. Aasma calls the doctor, but the couple demands a doctor, not a nurse. Aasma pleads with them, explaining that she’s also a mother and will do her best to help. She treats the boy, making him vomit and saving his life. Grateful, the parents thank her, but when the doctor arrives, he scolds Aasma for treating the boy without his permission. Despite her explanations, the doctor angrily tells her to leave, leaving Aasma in tears as she pleads for her job, citing her children as her reason.

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