Udaariyaan 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Udaariyaan Doriyaan 26 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode commences with Armaan expressing his apology to Meher, to which Meher responds by urging him to thank Aasma. Haniya, interjecting, expresses her desire to call Armaan “Daddu” as he had previously allowed her to refer to him as dad. She proceeds to recount the events of the Holi celebration. Aasma, upon hearing this, becomes visibly upset. Meanwhile, Rupy and Zaid observe silently. Aasma instructs Haniya to finish her milk and go to sleep. Zaid then reveals his knowledge about Armaan being Haniya’s father, prompting Aasma to inquire about the source of this information. Zaid explains that he overheard Nanu and Aasma’s conversation, learning that Aasma left Armaan after a dispute, and subsequently Haniya was born. Aasma confirms this, acknowledging the pain embedded in the story. Zaid, however, suggests that love could reconcile their differences, emphasizing Haniya’s longing for her father. Despite Zaid’s optimism, Aasma maintains that reconciliation is not feasible.

Sukhi interjects, questioning the rationale behind this decision and advocating for reconciliation for the sake of the children. Rupy echoes Sukhi’s sentiments, emphasizing Aasma’s responsibility to communicate the truth to Armaan. Sukhi continues, urging Aasma to recognize Meher as a divine gift, emphasizing the need for a maternal figure in her life, with Aasma being the ideal candidate.

The following morning, Aasma deliberates over contacting Armaan, while Armaan himself contemplates sending a message of apology but ultimately refrains. Haniya, taking matters into her own hands, uses Aasma’s phone to call Armaan. Aasma then proposes a meeting, stating that Haniya wishes to see Meher. Armaan suggests meeting at a newly established play area and café in the market, which Aasma agrees to. Armaan expresses his happiness, engaging in an internal dialogue.

As Aasma makes her way to the rendezvous point, she hopes that Armaan will believe in the DNA report’s authenticity regarding Haniya’s paternity. Meanwhile, Haniya accidentally drops a plate, which both Aasma and Armaan rush to prevent from shattering. They notice a quote on the plate – “love never fails”. A hooded figure observes from a distance. Armaan suggests getting coffee, to which Aasma assents. They proceed with the children.

Elsewhere, Ekam informs Alia of her impending arrest, with Alia pleading for forgiveness in vain. She is subsequently escorted away, with fellow inmates chastising her. Alia harbors thoughts of retribution against Aasma.

At the play area, the family engages in a game, ultimately winning a teddy bear. Armaan denies their familial bond, unaware of Haniya’s true parentage as Aasma contemplates revealing the truth. They capture a family photograph.

Aasma, noticing the hooded figure, investigates but finds no one. Armaan acknowledges Aasma’s selfless love for Meher, prompting Aasma to present the DNA report, confirming Haniya’s paternity. She recounts her ordeal, expressing her pain and sacrifices for the children’s sake. Armaan is stunned by the revelation, expressing remorse for his past doubts and pleading for forgiveness. They reconcile, embracing each other just as Haniya arrives. Aasma envisions the scene as Armaan questions her abrupt behavior. Meanwhile, Alia’s situation takes a turn for the worse following a vehicular accident, leaving her paralyzed. Aasma receives distressing news, prompting her and Armaan to rush to the hospital. Alia, upon awakening, realizes the extent of her injuries, as Aasma comforts her. Meanwhile, the hooded figure destroys the DNA report, potentially erasing evidence of Haniya’s true parentage.

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