Udaariyaan 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 13th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Udaariyaan Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Meher telling Aasma that she found her locket and kept it safe. Aasma tells her to keep it. Meher mentions that a spirit helped her, surprising Aasma. Armaan recalls the trouble caused by some kids to his daughter and decides to complain to the school. He scolds the kids’ parents, but the principal intervenes and asks them to leave. Armaan signals to his daughter, Haniya, and smiles. Meher informs Aasma that she’s going to Canada as her dad came to discuss it. Haniya praises Meher for saving her, and they plan to meet Haniya’s mom. They bond over orange candy and buy ice cream.

Armaan reveals to the principal that he’s Haniya’s father. Haniya compares him to herself as being “Jugaadu.” Armaan remembers Aasma and sees her crying when he approaches her. Aasma runs away, and Armaan saves her from an oncoming car. They both fall, and Armaan gets into a fight with the driver who almost hit them. Aasma recognizes Armaan and recalls their past.

Meher checks on Armaan and finds him okay. Armaan says he’s always okay. Meher praises Aasma and leaves with Armaan. Meanwhile, Aasma cries at home and decides to leave after her encounter with Armaan. Ekam asks what’s wrong, and Rupy advises her to leave if she feels her self-respect is at stake. Aasma packs her bags as she can’t bear to face Armaan. Meher plays happily, and the family notices her joy.

Rano suggests Armaan find out about the girl who made Meher happy as it might help Meher recover. Armaan agrees. Alia wonders about the new girl. Aasma gives money to the kids, who refuse it, saying they have her. Meher tries to talk to Alia, who gets upset. Meher and Haniya are in class, where Haniya gets punished for spoiling her sheet. Meher helps her, and they make a drawing together, impressing the teacher.

Armaan can’t stop thinking about Aasma. Meher and Haniya face bullying from other kids, but they stand up for themselves. They work together on a chart, which the girls tear apart. Haniya fixes it, and they decide to show it to their respective parents. Armaan goes to Aasma’s house, but she avoids him. He’s stopped by Ekam and later scolded by him at home. Alia wonders if Aasma has returned and worries about her plans.

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