Udaariyaan 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 12th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Udaariyaan Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Armaan helping Aasma. The bus leaves. Smoke makes him cough. Haniya gives him water to drink. Meher holds Aasma’s hand and cries. Aasma asks if she’s lost. Meher nods. Armaan thanks Haniya. Aasma asks where her mumma is. Meher says her mumma isn’t there. Armaan asks where her mum and dad are. Haniya says she only has her mumma. Aasma hugs Meher. Meher says she’s scared of the crowd, take her to her dad, please. Haniya says she’ll introduce her to her mumma. Aasma asks where her dad is. Meher says he is there. Haniya says her mumma is there. A bus comes between them. Meher runs to Armaan. Haniya runs to Aasma. Ekam comes. Aasma hugs him and cries. Alia asks Armaan to come, she will come later. Armaan leaves. Ekam takes Aasma and kids.

Ekam and Rupy welcome Aasma home, and they dance. Armaan passes by and sees them dancing. Rano and Sukhi get angry. She asks if their girl came back. Armaan comes home and sees Aasma’s picture. He wonders if Aasma really came back. He recalls Ekam’s house. Aasma takes the call. Armaan hears the kids’ voices. Aasma smiles seeing the kids playing. Armaan says hello…. He ends the call. Aasma notices her Matarani pendant missing. Armaan says why do I care for her. He tears the picture. Ekam sees Aasma. Aasma says her locket is missing, she feels restless. Meher gets the locket. She keeps it in her bag. Ekam says she doesn’t have any fear, the kids have grown up, no one has seen Haniya, don’t worry, it’s been 5 years now, everyone has moved on. Aasma cries and says life moves on, but memories don’t go away.

Alia asks Meher about the locket. Meher says it’s that aunty’s locket. Alia says give it to me. Armaan comes and asks what happened. Meher says she won’t give this locket to anyone. Armaan asks whose locket is this. Meher says she was scared, an aunty hugged her, she got her locket. He says it’s fine, no one will take it. Alia says it’s not good to get others’ things, she steals things at home, she has kleptomania. He asks her not to worry. He says he will take Meher to Canada, he has much work to do. Alia thinks good, he won’t go there alone, he will ask her to come along.

Aasma admits Haniya to school. Haniya goes to see the school. Armaan comes there. He says he wants his daughter’s TC, they are going to Canada. The lady gives him the file. Aasma gets sad. Rupy teaches Zaid to do service and pray. Zaid prays for Aasma and Haniya. Rupy says his prayer will be fulfilled. The lady asks Aasma to submit the birth certificate photocopy inside. Aasma takes the photocopy. Armaan gets a call. Aasma doesn’t see him. They leave. The lady writes their names on Meher’s papers.

Haniya comes to the arts room. Some girls make fun of Meher and laugh. Haniya scares the kids. The kids run out of the class. Haniya switches on the lights. Meher says don’t do anything to me, sorry. Haniya says she’s not a ghost, she’s her friend. She cleans the paint from Meher’s face. She says don’t worry, I’m Haniya. Meher says I’m Meher. They become friends. The kids get the teacher there. Haniya and Meher run. Haniya collides with Aasma. Teacher complains about Haniya. She says don’t give her admission. Haniya says these girls were troubling Meher. Aasma asks if she’s fine. Principal says Haniya’s admission can’t happen here. Armaan comes and asks why her admission can’t happen, she didn’t do anything, some kids were troubling Meher. Aasma sees Meher wearing her locket and asks how she got it. The lady asks if he’s her dad. Armaan says yes.

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