Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Garry is packing his clothes, and Jasleen asks him to wait until Veer and Keerat’s wedding. Garry explains that the company wants him to join immediately. Jasleen requests Sahiba to convince him, but Garry mentions it was Sahiba’s decision to take the job and move on in life. Jasleen asks Sahiba if she suggested it, and Sahiba shares that such opportunities are rare, and Garry will build his own identity with hard work. Jasleen is torn between being happy or sad. Sahiba receives a call from Santosh and leaves the room.

The Brar family enjoys the mehendi ceremony, with youngsters dancing to the song “Mehandi Lagake Rakhna.” Keerat feels sad about Garry going to Delhi. Angad welcomes guests and eagerly waits for Sahiba. She finally walks down, and Angad wonders when Sahiba will arrive. The lawyer calls Angad, informing him of their court hearing today. Angad contemplates postponing it but switches off his phone, worrying about Sahiba’s intentions.

Sahiba talks to Keerat about meeting Garry, and Keerat reveals that she asked Garry to be by her side during the wedding. Sahiba shares the news that Garry is going to Delhi and won’t stay back for the wedding. During the mehendi application, Angad insists on having Sahiba’s name on his hand. Bebe suggests Sahiba writes Angad’s name on her hand, and Sahiba reluctantly complies. Veer walks in, and Angad asks him to write Keerat’s name on his hand. Sahiba gets emotional, and Jasleen teases her for being shy.

Angad notices a call from the lawyer on Sahiba’s phone and switches it off. Sahiba’s tears fall on her mehendi, and Angad approaches her. Sahiba expresses her sorrow, and the lawyer arrives, confusing the family. Sahiba explains that they want to perform pre-wedding rituals for Angad and her as they missed them during their own wedding. The lawyer is baffled but later informs them about the court formalities. Angad recalls the recent events, including the lawyer’s message, Sahiba’s proposal, Garry’s decision, and his own choice to divorce Sahiba. The family decides to visit the court and complete the formalities.

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