Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Teri Meri Doriyaan 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Manveer tells Jasleen that the Brar family is the real family and asks her not to let Angad know that Sahiba is in jail and let him think that she is a careless mother and asks Keerat to ask Angad to be Sahiba’s. Do not inform about. Kirat listens to them and says that she will inform Angad. She says till now she used to bother Sahiba a lot, but today she stooped down a lot. Manveer warns her to stay within her limits. Keerut says manveer has crossed his limit today by arresting mother, mother’s heart stops when her child is in trouble, she will tell Angad what manveer did. Jasleen says that she is also a mother and is heartbroken to see Gary’s condition, she has to choose between him and Sahiba who has not seen her for 6 years. Keerut says that when Sahiba met her at Gurudwara, the way she pampered Bani shows her true love for her, she won’t let Manveer wrong Sahiba anymore and informs Angad. Will do. Jasleen says that she should think about her husband Gary who was brutally beaten by Sahiba’s husband Diljit, somehow Sahiba is also responsible for his condition. She keeps emotionally blackmailing Keerut. Kirat agrees.

Manveer tells Harleen over the phone how he arrested Sahiba and took Akir into custody. Harleen says that’s good news. Manveer says that he will soon leave for Ludhiana and get Angad and Amu married and never come back to Nashaistha Panesar. Harleen says that Amu will have to accept Akir as her son after marriage. Amu has a panic attack and says that Angad will definitely come back to Sahiba, she can let Akir stay with Angad but can’t accept him as her son, she is afraid of losing Angad. will Assuring her parents that everything will be fine, Amarinder goes to get her medicine. Diljit escapes from the police station with the help of an unknown savior and wonders who is helping him.

Angad pampers the unconscious Akir and emotionally assures that nothing can separate them now. Manveer says he is worried for Gary. Angad says that Gary will be fine after the surgery and he will return to Ludhiana with Gary and Akira. Manveer believes that he did the right thing by arresting Sahiba on time. Angad asks where is sahiba, why is she not with akir. Manveer says she is a careless mother and must have gone to meet her husband. Sahiba keeps pleading with the police to let her meet her son. The prisoners ask what he did. Sahiba says she didn’t do anything and wants to meet her son. She imagines Manveer with Angad who says she will never meet Akir again and will rot in jail forever. Begs her to stop her drama or she will be sent to a mental asylum where she won’t be able to come out for years. The constable serves them food and orders them to eat quietly. Sahiba refused to eat food.

The car driver leaves Diljit on a deserted road. Harleen walked over to him. Diljit remembers meeting her at the gurudwara and says that she is the one he gave water to. Harleen emotionally reveals that she is his mother and had to leave him at the gurudwara because she was an unmarried woman. Diljit shouts why did he leave her. Sahiba hits the plate and confronts the inspector that she doesn’t have a single proof but only the statements of rich people from whom she took bribes, she wants to meet her son and talk to her lawyer.

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