Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Teri Meri Doriyaan 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Gary tells Angad that Sahiba only considers Diljit as her good friend and nothing else. Angad says that Diljit loves Sahiba, Sahiba hates Diljit after Akira’s incident, but she didn’t tell him anything. Diljit tells Beeji and Twinkle that Sahiba didn’t even think and alienated him without even thinking that he loves Akir so much, he won’t plead but take Akir away from Angad and Sahiba. Beeji asks what are they going to do? Twinkle says she is scared of Diljit now. The constable said that the time for his visit was over. Beeji tells Diljit not to worry as she will do anything to get him out of jail. Twinkle says they shouldn’t do anything wrong in anger. They both left the police station. Diljit thinks Sahiba and Angad will have to pay for their actions.

The lady inspector ordered the constable to arrest the lady. Sahiba tells Manveer that she is doing wrong as she would never harm her son. Manveer shouts and abuses him and asks the inspector to arrest him. Sahiba pleads with Jasleen who also accuses her of aiding her husband in physically assaulting Gary. Keerat pleads with Manveer to save Sahiba. Manveer continues his intolerable rude behavior and insists the police to arrest him. The police drag Sahiba away as she pleads with him to stay with her son. Angad asks Gary that when Sahiba can tell her about Akir, why didn’t she tell him that she didn’t marry Diljit. Gary says that because of Angad, he expressed his hatred only to Sahiba. Angad recalls Diljit telling him about his artist wife, how much he loved her. He says it doesn’t matter now.

Gary says he knows that Angad only loves Sahiba and no one else and he reminds that he agreed to marry Amanpreet to show Sahiba when he moves on in life. They can also move forward. Angad says that believe it or not, fate has made them for each other and is giving him another chance and hen should not miss it. Angad says that he and Sahiba can never meet again as Sahiba hurt him a lot and hid Akhir’s truth from him. Gary says he should forgive her and accept her for the sake of his child. Angad recalls all the events from sahiba’s pregnancy to recent times and says it is too late now. He agrees that he didn’t listen to her when he called her 6 years ago, but after that he doesn’t believe that she didn’t listen. . He continues to accuse him of being his mother and asks Gary how he would feel if Bunny called someone else papa.

A man visits Diljit at the police station and helps him escape. Gary tells Angad that he can understand her pain. Angad says he only wants his son Akir and doesn’t want Sahiba back in his life. Gary tells him to think again with a calm mind and he feels a headache. Angad asks if he is fine. The doctor comes in with Keerut and asks Angad to go out as they need to get Gary ready for surgery. Keerut asks Gary why he took risk without thinking about his wife and Bani. Gary says that whatever he did, he did it for his brother and asks Angad to reconsider his advice. Angad tells her not to think too much and get well soon for her, Keerat and Bani’s sake. The doctor takes Gary to surgery. Angad thinks that he needs to meet Akir and make sure that Sahib doesn’t interfere in his and Akir’s life.

Diljit comes out of the police station dressed as a constable, sees a car, and asks who sent the driver. The driver says he can’t and asks him if he wants to get in or not. The police bring the lady and put her in jail. Diljit left in the car without seeing her. Sahiba pleads to let her go to her son as she needs him. Manveer sitting next to Aakir says that Sahiba and Diljit did really wrong with his grandson, now he will rot in jail. Angad walks ahead and gets emotional seeing Akira’s condition, saying that no one can separate them now. Sahiba keeps pleading with the lady inspector to let her meet her son. The inspector warns her to keep her mouth shut, she need not worry about her son as her family is there to take care of him. The lady asked who is it?

Manveer tells Jasleen not to let Angad know that Sahiba is in jail and let him think that she is a careless mother and asks her not to let Keeret inform Angad about Sahiba. Kirat listens to them and says that she will inform Angad. Inspector tells Sahiba that her son is with Brar, Angad is Akir’s father and will take care of him, Manveer has filed a complaint against Sahiba and Sahiba will rot in jail for a long time.

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