Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Sahiba tells the lawyer that she has thought a lot before making this decision. Angad, who is peeking through the window, believes that Sahiba has finally decided to divorce him. The lawyer hands a file to Sahiba, and Angad assumes it contains divorce papers. The watchman instructs Angad to move his car from the lawyer’s reserved parking space and accompanies him. The lawyer shows Sahiba paintings made by her father and requests her to draw them on the front wall, to which Sahiba agrees. The lawyer praises Sahiba’s skills, mentioning her confident professor.

In the park, Keerat jogs while remembering Veer insulting her. Garry notices her distressed state, runs after her, and saves her from a fast-approaching bike. He asks Keerat about her troubles, and she tearfully confides in him. Garry assures her that he will be a supportive friend. Keerat, regaining composure, thanks him and they part ways. Garry humorously suggests taking her to a paratha shop to lift her spirits.

Angad returns and peeks into the lawyer’s room through the window. Sahiba hands her a list of items, expressing her desire to complete the tasks before a wedding in her house. The lawyer promises to do her best, leaving the rest to Sahiba. Angad feels disheartened, believing Sahiba has decided to divorce him, despite pretending to save their marriage at home.

Jasleen approaches Seerat and informs her that everyone wants her to leave Brar mansion. Shocked, Seerat questions Jasleen’s statement. Jasleen justifies it by saying that Seerat lost the right to stay after divorcing Garry. Jasleen wants to avoid any issues between Angad and Sahiba, as well as potential problems at Veer and Keerat’s wedding. Jasleen reveals that Santosh is coming to pick Seerat up the next day, leaving Seerat with only one night in Brar mansion.

Angad, drowning his sorrows in alcohol, recalls Sahiba’s decision to divorce him. The song “Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana” plays in the background. Meanwhile, Sahiba, hearing a reminder about her wedding anniversary, regrets not being able to wish Angad. Angad continues drinking, feeling betrayed by Sahiba.

Garry observes Keerat enjoying parathas and remarks that most girls he dated never enjoyed food, finding her different. Keerat, remembering Garry’s support, questions why he cares so much. Garry, internally acknowledging his growing feelings, claims it’s because she is his friend and playfully jokes. They share laughter, and Sasha captures a photo, sending it to Veer, who reacts angrily and starts drinking. Sahiba returns home, facing disapproval from Inder, Jasleen, and Japjot, who expected her to at least inform them about her decision. Sahiba reflects on whether they find out about the differences between her and Angad.

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