Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Veer and Keerat groove to the beats of the song “Lagdi Lahore Di.” Playfully, they pull Angad and Sahiba onto the stage, encouraging them to join the dance. Angad reluctantly takes Sahiba’s hand but seems hesitant. Veer signals him to continue, and as the dance unfolds, Angad becomes uncomfortable.

Sahiba, during the dance, recalls Angad’s earlier declaration in Delhi about divorcing her. Angad, on the other hand, remembers Seerat informing him that Sahiba is seeking a divorce. Disturbed, Angad walks away, leaving Sahiba alone. Soon after, Sahiba receives a message from her lawyer.

Under the influence of drugs, Veer expresses a desire for Sasha’s presence, claiming that it would enhance their enjoyment. He urges Keerat to dance with him again, this time to the tune of “Badtameez Dil.” However, Keerat feels uneasy when her dupatta pin comes loose. Veer’s friends cross boundaries, misbehaving with Keerat, pulling her dupatta, and pressuring her to dance.

Sahiba intervenes, demanding the return of Keerat’s dupatta and complaining to Veer. Ignoring her, Veer continues dancing with his female friends. Sahiba takes matters into her own hands, stopping the music and warning Veer’s friends to return the dupatta. Despite her efforts, Veer’s friend persists in his misbehavior. Garry enters the scene, delivering a resounding slap to Veer’s friend, retrieving the dupatta, and returning it to Keerat.

Veer accuses Garry of ruining the party, but Angad, who has returned, questions what is happening. Veer blames Garry for barging in and hitting his friend. Sahiba defends Garry, stating that it was Veer’s friend who misbehaved with Keerat. Veer denies the accusations, accusing Garry instead.

An argument ensues, and Angad, attempting to diffuse the situation, apologizes to Veer’s friends and asks them to leave due to their intoxicated state. Veer plays the emotional card, questioning Keerat’s belief in his ability to protect her. Sahiba refrains from revealing the truth and simply asserts that Angad would have taken a stand against Garry’s friend if he had noticed the misconduct.

As the drama unfolds, Angad blames Sahiba for supporting Garry, while Veer insists on his friends’ innocence. Keerat, still in shock, remains silent. In the midst of the chaos, Garry tries to comfort her.

Sahiba confronts Angad, expressing her dismay at being called a liar in front of everyone. Angad, standing firm, accuses her of supporting Garry, leading to a heated exchange. Sahiba, feeling disheartened, continues to bear the brunt of the unfolding drama.

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