Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Seerat discreetly observes Sahiba, wondering why she’s in such a rush to meet her lawyer on the day of Keerat and Veer’s engagement. Keerat excitedly informs Veer that her new coach wants him to sing at their upcoming wrestling competition, but Veer arrogantly dismisses the idea, claiming he’ll look foolish performing in a wrestling arena. He questions Keerat about her conversation with Garry, warning her to avoid any contact with him. Veer introduces Sugar, his new manager, and mentions an upcoming interview with RJ Randeep. Veer, displaying forgetfulness, informs Keerat that he cannot accompany her for shopping.

An upset Keerat confronts Veer, expressing her frustration. Garry suggests she go with Sahiba and Angad, but Keerat fears they would scold Veer if they discovered his neglect. Garry offers to accompany her, and though hesitant, she agrees, allowing him to ride pillion on her bike.

Meanwhile, the Brar family attends to the engagement arrangements. Angad plans to gift a sports car to Veer and leaves for the showroom, leaving Sahiba in charge. Seerat, suspecting Sahiba’s secretive behavior, follows her. Sahiba meets with Advocate Batra, leading Seerat to believe that Sahiba is seeking a divorce from Angad.

Keerat and Garry visit Veer’s designer boutique. The designer shows extravagant lehengas, but Garry suggests simpler options. Keerat tries on different outfits, and Garry, being helpful, takes pictures for Veer’s approval. However, Veer doesn’t respond, leaving Keerat confused. Garry chooses a simple lehenga, but their bike gets towed away for parking in a restricted zone.

Japjot and Jasleen plan a surprise for Sahiba, hoping to keep it a secret from Santosh. Garry and Keerat share a moment listening to Veer’s interview on the radio, but Keerat is disappointed to learn that Veer’s success was not attributed to her support.

Seerat eagerly anticipates Angad’s return to share the news of Sahiba’s meeting with a divorce lawyer. Angad receives the message and becomes furious, finding the lawyer’s visiting card. The Brar family awaits the engagement ceremony, while Manveer insists on canceling it, and Gurleen remains conflicted due to family expectations. The Mongas arrive, and the engagement preparations continue.

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