Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Seerat discreetly observes Sahiba’s rushed behavior as she heads to meet her lawyer on Keerat and Veer’s engagement day. Meanwhile, Keerat excitedly shares with Veer that her new coach wants him to sing at their annual wrestling competition. However, Veer dismissively claims he’ll look foolish performing in a wrestling ground and questions Keerat about her interaction with Garry. Keerat explains she was just checking on Garry’s condition after his injury in a match, but Veer sternly warns her against any contact with Garry.

Veer introduces Sugar, his new manager, and mentions an upcoming interview with RJ Randeep. He expresses forgetfulness and leaves Keerat to handle her dress selection alone. Frustrated, Keerat vents her anger on her bike. Garry, witnessing her frustration, suggests she can go costume shopping with Sahiba and Angad. Keerat, worried they might scold Veer, reluctantly agrees to Garry accompanying her.

The Brar family busies themselves with engagement preparations. Japjot asks Jasleen to taste sample food, and Angad mentions his plan to gift a sports car to Veer. Sahiba quietly leaves home to meet her lawyer, with Seerat stealthily following her.

At the designer’s boutique, Keerat is unsure about the lehenga choices suggested by Veer. Garry advises her to opt for simpler options and helps her select a lehenga. Meanwhile, Veer remains unresponsive to the pictures sent by Keerat.

Garry and Keerat’s bike gets towed due to parking in a no-parking zone. Rushing to retrieve it, Garry urges Keerat to finalize her lehenga. Despite the parking hassle, Keerat chooses the lehenga Garry suggested.

As Garry drives, Keerat expresses her desire to listen to Veer’s interview. Garry plays the interview on his mobile, where Veer disappoints Keerat by not mentioning her name and casually downplaying his decision to upload his first song.

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