Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Veer experiences a heightened state after indulging in a drug injection with Sasha. Sasha asserts that this will enhance his musical creativity and crown him a superstar. Veer, already feeling like a superstar, declares himself the king of music. The Brar family emerges victorious in a kabaddi match, receiving an honorable trophy. Garry invites Sahiba to join the celebration, with the rest of the family following suit. At home, Akaal credits Angad for the victory, but Jasleen attributes the reunion of two brothers to Sahiba. Japjot agrees, emphasizing the real victory lies in the family’s unity, and praises Sahiba. Sahiba fetches a first-aid kit for Garry, who expresses gratitude to Angad for rescuing him. However, Manveer accuses Garry of cheating.

Later, Veer, playing music, notices Sasha reaching for a cigarette. He warns her due to the family’s disapproval of smoking. Sahiba overhears and confronts Veer about the cigarette. Veer, claiming it’s a practice and dismissing her concerns, closes the door on her. In a family discussion, Manveer reveals that Garry paid the Randhawas to lose the match, suggesting Sahiba’s involvement. Akaal questions Garry, who admits to giving money but denies it was to lose the match. Sahiba insists he explain, but Garry hesitates, fearing Angad’s disdain. Jasleen discloses that Garry intended for Angad to rescue him by losing the match. Angad scolds Garry for attempting to gain sympathy and declares his intention to file for divorce after Veer and Keerat’s engagement.

Veer discreetly helps Sasha leave the house, retrieving her belongings, including a dropped cigarette pack. The next morning, during breakfast, Akaal commends Angad for the grand engagement arrangements. Angad credits himself and Sahiba, asking Veer if he’s prepared for the engagement. The maid discovers a cigarette pack, leading to an angry outburst from Akaal. Veer, anxious, denies knowledge, but Sahiba notices his unease. Gurleen and others blame Garry for bringing the harmful substance into the house.

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