Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Sahiba asks Angad if he plans to attend the Kabaddi match, even if he chooses not to participate. Akaal insists that Angad should support his family by attending. Angad agrees to be present but refuses to take part. The next day, the Randhawas and Brars assemble at a Kabaddi field for the match, exchanging greetings. A player questions Angad about his non-participation, and Angad claims to have an injured hand but expresses confidence in the team’s victory as usual.

Meanwhile, Keerat questions Veer about not informing her about the match, learning about it from Sahiba instead. Veer, preoccupied with his phone conversation with Sasha, mentions his busy schedule with recordings and promotions. He dismisses Keerat, instructing her to focus on exercise and wedding thoughts. Keerat challenges his statement, pointing out his lack of stardom. Veer, brushing her off, receives a message from Sasha about something exciting that will take him on a heavenly tour. He lies to Keerat, claiming a promotional interview, and walks away.

Garry bribes Randhawa players to target him during the match. He plans to have Angad come to his rescue when he sees Randhawas beating him up. Sahiba notices Keerat’s distress and inquires about it. Keerat reveals that Veer left the match for a promotional event. Sahiba advises her to relax and enjoy the match.

As the match begins, the song “Rang De Basanti” plays in the background. Initially, the Brars score points, but they later start facing defeat. Angad remains occupied with his mobile phone. Sahiba playfully teases him about the potential harm to his neck and eyes from excessive phone use. Garry infiltrates the Randhawa field, scores a point, and irritates Inder. Randhawas decide to teach Garry a lesson for their leniency. They attack Garry, and he starts bleeding. Jasleen protests, claiming it’s cheating and that Garry is seriously injured.

Angad finally pays attention and silently observes Randhawas assaulting Garry. Keerat enjoys seeing Garry in pain, while Garry continues to provoke Randhawas to beat him further. Angad recalls a childhood memory of saving Garry. Jasleen pleads for someone to save Garry from the relentless assault, fearing Randhawas might kill him. Angad, torn between his hatred for Garry and his past friendship, returns his focus to his mobile phone.

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