Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Seerat asserts that the issue has escalated beyond personal matters and become a family affair. She suggests revealing the truth about the supposedly ideal couple, Angad and Sahiba, to the entire family. Angad warns Seerat to return his list, but Manveer intervenes, encouraging Seerat to proceed. Seerat joyfully attempts to read the list, but Garry interrupts, stating that he will disclose how they got divorced. Seerat, recalling using Angad’s secret business file to obtain a divorce from Garry, worries that if the Brars discover this, she will be sent back to Shimlapuri. Jasleen questions Garry’s intentions, and Seerat wonders why he’s still interfering after their divorce. Garry accuses Seerat of meddling in Angad and Sahiba’s lives, leading to a confrontation. Manveer presses for the contents of the torn list, and Garry tears it up, claiming it was a list of do’s and don’ts for Veer and Keerat’s wedding. Jasleen and others criticize Seerat for allegedly trying to ruin others’ relationships.

The family gathers for a photo, and Sahiba thanks Garry for preventing the revelation of Angad and Sahiba’s secret. Santosh urges Seerat to return home, but she defiantly refuses. Veer posts his and Keerat’s photo on social media, receiving comments from his female fans. Keerat questions Veer about his statement regarding breaking his female fans’ hearts. Veer deflects, suggesting he may have told Sasha instead. Sahiba, at night, discovers Garry looking at a kabbadi championship trophy. He shares the story of winning it with Angad, expressing his remorse. Sahiba consoles him, but Angad, witnessing their interaction, misinterprets it, warns Garry, and stops supporting Sahiba.


Angad accuses Garry of conspiring against him, fueled by Sahiba’s support. Garry denies it, but Angad accuses him of plotting and suggests he should fall off a cliff. Sahiba intervenes, urging Angad to control his anger and bitterness. She resolves to find a way to calm Angad’s anger to prevent him from harming himself.

The next morning, Akaal announces the family’s participation in Ludhiana’s annual kabaddi competition. Sahiba recalls seeking Akaal and Japjot’s help to reunite Angad and Garry through a kabaddi match. Akaal agrees to the suggestion, emphasizing the importance of winning the match for family pride. Jasleen shares a childhood memory of Angad and Garry participating in a match, highlighting their unity. Angad opposes the idea, but Akaal insists on participating, and Sahiba believes it will help reduce Angad’s anger.

In a flashback, Sahiba convinces Akaal and Japjot to use the kabaddi match as a way to reunite Angad and Garry. Akaal warns against discussing dying, but agrees to Sahiba’s plan.

Back in the present, Angad expresses regret for agreeing to the match. Jasleen reminisces about a childhood kabaddi match where Angad defended Garry against opponents. Garry recalls the event, and Manveer mentions how they won the match that year. Despite the family’s encouragement, Angad decides not to participate, but Akaal insists on continuing the family tradition. The family eagerly prepares for the upcoming kabaddi match.

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