Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Angad overhears the maid talking to Garry. She questions why he didn’t let her inform that he sent a heater for Sahiba. Garry replies that Angad might have rejected it, but Sahiba helped him a lot when he needed it, so now it’s his turn to help her. Angad calls Garry to thank him for caring about Sahiba. He admits that he doesn’t trust Garry anymore but acknowledges his genuine concern for Sahiba. Garry explains that while he cares for Sahiba, he knows Angad loves her deeply, and they always support each other. He suggests Angad should be with Sahiba as she needs him more than medicine. Angad leaves.

Veer and Seerat overhear their conversation and realize they can’t give hypnotic powder to Sahiba with Angad around. Seerat believes their attempts to drive Sahiba insane won’t succeed. Veer assures her that Angad won’t always be guarding Sahiba and he knows how to drug her again.

Meanwhile, Jassi gives medicine to Sahiba, who feels better after moving to Angad’s room. Sahiba expresses her inability to forget Angad’s slap and fears their relationship won’t be the same.

Angad receives a call from a lab technician who informs him that the powder he sent for testing is illegal and causes hallucinations. Angad is shocked and asks for clarification. The doctor explains that the powder can make a person hallucinate, believing someone is trying to harm their loved ones, leading to attacks in defense. Angad recalls Sahiba’s recent erratic behavior. The doctor explains that the powder can drive a person completely insane and even be fatal if consumed regularly. Angad asks if it can be administered without someone’s knowledge, and the doctor confirms it can be mixed easily into food or water as it’s colorless and odorless.

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