Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Sahiba informs Manveer and Gurleen that Veer and Keerat are in love, emphasizing that true love conquers all. Angad glances at them as she speaks. Gurleen inquires if Veer and Keerat’s love is as intense as Angad and Sahiba’s. Angad asserts that it is even stronger, and they all head downstairs. Gurleen appears unwell, and Jasleen suggests holding the engagement ceremony in two days. Akaal asks for Santosh’s approval, and she agrees, citing the elders’ decision. Congratulations are exchanged, and sweets are distributed. Angad asks Veer about his desired gift, and Veer requests a photo of both couples together. They head to the photography area.

Angad hesitates to take photos with Sahiba, but Veer persuades him. Sahiba notices Garry standing alone and invites him to join from the bride’s side. Garry explains that Angad is upset with him, and Sahiba assures him that there are no issues between them. Keerat suggests Sahiba and Angad stand together for a photo, but Angad hesitates. Seerat observes his reluctance and suspects their relationship might be a charade. She plans to expose them before anyone questions her stay in the Brar mansion.

Garry notices Seerat plotting and decides to eavesdrop on Angad and Sahiba’s conversation. Sahiba questions Angad about his hesitation to touch her, and he admits that being near her feels like a punishment. Garry realizes that Angad is still angry with Sahiba and is putting on an act for the family. Sahiba warns Angad to act properly or face the truth being revealed to the family. Angad vows to continue the drama and keep her confused about its authenticity. They return to the photography area, and Angad asks for a picture with just him and Sahiba.

Veer praises Angad and Sahiba’s chemistry, and the family agrees to let Sahiba design Veer and Keerat’s wedding card. Seerat suggests Angad and Sahiba as the ideal couple to organize the wedding arrangements. She hints that their ideal couple act is a lie, and Angad questions if Sahiba revealed the truth to Seerat. Sahiba denies it, and Seerat produces a not-to-do list that she found in Angad’s room. Sahiba tries to snatch it, accusing Seerat of interfering in personal matters. Seerat insists that it’s no longer personal, and the whole family should know the truth about the supposed ideal couple. Manveer encourages her to proceed.

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