Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Sahiba informs Angad that she cannot conceal his intentions from the family, emphasizing that she is not adept at deception like him. Angad insists that she is skilled in acting and should comply with his request, stating that if it were Garry and not Veer, she would have agreed. Sahiba expresses her desire for both Veer and Keerat’s relationship and theirs not to end. Angad proposes continuing their charade until Veer and Keerat’s wedding, after which they will reveal the truth to the family. Sahiba hesitates but promises not to force Angad to prolong their relationship if he still wants separation after the wedding.

Garry receives his brooch back from Keerat along with a note. He recalls assisting her when her dress pin broke and reads a note thanking him for preserving her dignity that day. Garry calls Keerat to inquire why she is expressing gratitude for such a small act. Keerat explains that his brooch helped her carry her heavy dress, as she is not accustomed to wearing such attire. Veer also calls Keerat, who is already on a call with Garry. Veer informs her that her parents are visiting his house to discuss the alliance tonight and promises a surprise.

Santosh calls Seerat, urging her to return home as she cannot stay at the Brar mansion without any relationship. Seerat refuses and disconnects the call. Jasleen overhears their conversation, confronts Seerat, and agrees with Santosh’s advice. Seerat denies the accusation, insisting that everyone knows Garry is responsible for changing the video on Lohri night. Jasleen suggests Seerat stop playing the victim card and leave the Brar mansion for her own well-being. However, Seerat remains defiant.

Angad, determined to maintain distance, decides to sleep on the floor and warns Sahiba not to ask him to sleep on the bed to avoid backache. Sahiba complies and joins him on the floor. During the night, Sahiba covers Angad with her blanket as he sleeps. In the morning, Angad wakes up with backache, noticing the blanket. He assumes Sahiba covered him and instructs Sukhdeep to get another blanket for his room. Sahiba returns with coffee for Angad and picks up the blanket from the floor. Angad continues to insist on maintaining the act, proposing to create a rulebook detailing their behavior until they decide to separate.

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