Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Garry inquires with Sahiba about the surprise Angad has planned for her, to which Sahiba responds that she is also clueless. Garry reassures her that whatever happens will be positive. Meanwhile, Santosh questions Keerat about her statement regarding Garry’s changed behavior. Keerat explains that Garry had sincerely apologized for his past actions towards Sahiba and Angad, expressing a willingness to mend their relationships. Ajity remains skeptical, believing that someone like Garry will never change. Santosh sternly warns Keerat not to interact with Garry any further.

Jasleen queries Japjot about the surprise Angad has in store for Sahiba, but Japjot is unaware. Simran informs them that she witnessed Angad leaving the premises. As they head outside, they are greeted by music. Angad appears with musicians and a dancer, performing a dance around Sahiba while singing the song “Mera Yaar Wargha.” Manveer, feeling jealous, comments on how Sahiba once made him dance to her tunes, and now Angad is dancing around her. Angad continues his expressive dance, proclaiming his love for Sahiba. The onlookers applaud his performance, while Veer contemplates how Angad could be an ideal husband for Keerat, just as he is for Sahiba.

Angad announces that he will take his wife to their room in a palanquin. He extends his hand to Sahiba, who stands perplexed. Japjot encourages Sahiba to take Angad’s hand and start afresh on the eve of Lohri. Sahiba hesitates but eventually gives her hand to Angad, who invites her into the palanquin. Prabjot sarcastically suggests that Angad should give lessons on being a good husband, and Hansraj jokingly asks who will attend his tuition. The celebration continues as the palanquin is taken inside the house, leaving Sahiba looking somber.

Angad expresses gratitude to the musicians and sends them away. He then offers his hand to Sahiba to help her out of the palanquin. Sahiba silently observes him. Prabjot inquires about Sahiba’s subdued demeanor, and Angad suggests that Sahiba pretend to be a happy wife in front of everyone. Sahiba questions the need for pretense, but Angad advises her to exercise patience and guides her into the palanquin. The family members dance joyfully as they accompany the palanquin inside the house, while Sahiba sits in silent contemplation.

Once inside the room, Angad thanks the musicians and dismisses them. He extends his hand to Sahiba, who silently gazes at him. Prabjot remarks on Sahiba’s silence, speculating that she might be upset that Angad’s surprise did not meet her expectations. Simran suggests Sahiba may be disappointed in Angad’s dancing skills. Angad, however, claims that Sahiba did not anticipate him surprising her, believing only she could surprise him. Japjot urges Sahiba to enter Angad’s room.

Angad reveals another surprise—a diamond ring that he personally designed. Prabjot and Hansraj express admiration, while Angad apologizes for the time lost without Sahiba. Japjot instructs Sahiba to smile, and Angad places the ring on her finger amidst applause. Jasleen suggests leaving them alone, and Angad takes Sahiba into their room, locking the door.

Once alone, Sahiba questions Angad’s motives, expressing her confusion and stating that she doesn’t need his ring. Angad asks her to consider it a farewell gift. Sahiba presses him about the pretense, and Angad explains that it is for Veer and Keerat, as they perceive Sahiba and him as an ideal couple. He fears that revealing their separation might disappoint Veer and jeopardize Keerat’s wedding. Sahiba, however, refuses to play along and insists on revealing the truth to the family.

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