Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Veer excitedly shares with the family how Keerat eagerly awaited his proposal for marriage. Japjot praises his decision, and Hansraj lightens the mood by joking about teaching Veer how to be a husband. Veer expresses his readiness for marriage, inspired by the strong bond between Sahiba and Angad. Inder appreciates Veer’s commitment, mentioning that the younger generation often avoids marriage.

Jasleen and the family commend Veer for being inspired by Angad and Sahiba’s relationship. Meanwhile, Sahiba, contemplating her own relationship with Angad, worries about his undisclosed decision. Garry speculates that Angad is still upset with Sahiba for helping him. Veer notices Sahiba’s tears, prompting Japjot to explain that she is emotional about her sister’s impending marriage.

Akaal expresses pride in Sahiba and Angad’s strong bond during tough times and supports Veer’s decision to marry Keerat. However, Manveer suggests rethinking the decision, believing that Veer could find a more suitable match due to his rising stardom. Inder defends Veer’s decision, emphasizing the importance of love. Simran questions Veer’s sincerity, recalling a past incident when he denied being in a relationship with Keerat.

Inder proposes that Angad and Sahiba handle the wedding arrangements, a suggestion supported by the entire family. Veer persuades Angad to agree, and Sahiba happily joins the planning. Garry, mindful of his strained relationship with Veer, decides not to interfere with Veer’s happiness.

Later, Mahima receives a message from someone claiming to be the factory owner from whom she borrowed money. Concerned about Arjun’s potential reaction, Mahima decides to meet the person and understand their intentions.

At Keerat’s house, Veer informs her parents about the family’s acceptance of their marriage. Despite the previous insults, Keerat’s parents express happiness for Veer’s decision. Keerat, shy but pleased, serves tea. The family discusses Seerat’s situation, with Keerat suggesting that Seerat would have been happier if she hadn’t divorced Garry. Santosh defends Seerat, expressing uncertainty about her fate.

As Sahiba reflects on Angad’s behavior, Garry approaches her, and Keerat’s parents humorously discuss the wedding plans. Sahiba remains unsure about Angad’s undisclosed surprise, while Garry expresses both happiness and surprise about Angad’s recent behavior. Sahiba is left pondering Angad’s unpredictable actions.

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