Suhaagan 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Suhaagan 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Suhaagan 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Amma asking Bandiya to open the veil. Bandia refused. Gauri asks them not to blame them if anything goes wrong or if they die. Bandia says that not all people go to heaven after death, and tells about hell. Payal asks Sakshi to lift her veil. Sakshi refuses. Payal lifted his veil and turned his face away. Indu shouts from which planet did she come and says now I know how your grandfather died. She asks him to cover her face. Gauri says Basanti does a good job. Indu asks Sakshi to take her to the kitchen. Sakshi takes them to the kitchen and asks them to clean the kitchen. Pyle goes to the guards and asks them to throw her out if Bandia comes directly or indishes. Guard says ok. She comes to the kitchen and orders Basanti/Bandiya to prepare so many dishes for her first meal. She asks him to tell everyone that she has cooked. Bandia says ok.

Payal serves food to everyone, and tells that she has made the food. Everyone admires her cooking. Krish says that he will not eat khichdi and tells that he will eat delicious food made by Payal. Payal says doctor asked us to diet for 6 months. She says same will happen to me. Bandya wonders what happened to Krish. Nidhi tastes the food first and tells that she had delicious food when Bandia made it. Krish gets angry and leaves. Payal says she will take food for him in the kitchen. Bandya runs to the kitchen and cries. Gauri asks her to go to Krish, feed him and talk to him. Bandia comes to Krish’s room and sees his picture lying on the floor. Payal comes there and scolds him, asking him to go. She then forces Krish to eat the food. Bandia sees Krish hiding the photo from Payal. Later she asks Gauri to befriend Krish and find answers to some questions. She says why is Payal getting so much love all of a sudden. Indu comes to the kitchen and asks her to give almond and pistachio milk to Krish and Payal. Bandia says that she did not understand some things.

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