Shrimad Ramayan 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update

Shrimad Ramayan 22nd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shrimad Ramayan 22 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The scene unfolds with Ram asserting, “I will get the deer, but promise me, you won’t leave the hut.” Laxman insists, “I will go.” Ram counters firmly, “No, Sita asked me to fulfill her wish, it’s my duty to get the deer. I entrust you with her safety, ensure no one approaches. You must protect her.” Laxman reassures, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” With a firm grip, Ram holds Sita’s hand as he departs, while Raavan observes.

Meanwhile, Ram ventures deeper into the jungle following the deer. Back at the hut, Sita anxiously remarks, “Ram is taking so long.” Laxman consoles, “Ram will fulfill your wish and return. Even if it’s a magical deer, he’ll face it. Trust him.” Suddenly, they hear someone calling for Laxman’s aid. Ram and Sita also catch the sound. Ram remarks, “It must be some illusion.” Sita interjects, “No, it’s Ram calling.” Laxman advises, “Ram doesn’t need help. We must stay vigilant. Go inside the hut and stay calm.” Despite Laxman’s reassurance, Sita frets for Ram and implores Laxman to assist him.

Persistently, Sita urges, “His call pains my heart, go, he needs you.” However, Laxman remains resolute, “Ram instructed me to stay here.” Sita asserts, “I command you to go. It’s your duty to listen to me.” She pleads, “If anything happens to Ram, I will end my life.” Finally relenting, Laxman decides to defy Ram’s command to honor Sita’s plea. He prays fervently and draws a protective line around the hut, ensuring Sita’s safety in his absence, despite Raavan’s sinister grin.

As Laxman departs, Raavan, disguised as a saint, approaches Sita seeking alms. Politely, Sita greets him, but upon learning of Ram’s absence, she hesitates to invite him inside. Instead, she offers food and rest outside the boundary line, citing her inability to welcome a stranger in her husband’s absence.

Frustrated by the barrier, Raavan attempts to cross it but is repelled each time. Sita returns with fruits but remains behind the protective line, urging him to accept the offering. Raavan, in frustration, declines, accusing her of mistrusting saints. Threatening to seek help elsewhere, he turns to leave, prompting Sita to stop him with a pleading gesture, leaving Raavan with a sly smile.

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