Shrimad Ramayan 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Shrimad Ramayan 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shrimad Ramayan 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Akshay meeting Sita. He says I won’t kill anyone today, Sita looks thirsty and hungry, she didn’t get food and water today. He sarcastically asks if Ram has come. He says your call is coming, before you die accept my father’s proposal, remove this chudamani and accept the jewel given by my father, when Ram dies, you will have only one option, that. There is my father. Hanuman flies over the ocean. Mahadev says that Hanuman is a devotee of Rama. Parvati says she has forgotten herself in front of duty. Mahadev says yes, there is a great teaching in this, to follow the promised path, one who is free from his desires can win. Hanuman encounters an Asura. She stops him and says you are my food. He says sorry, I am a devotee of Ram, please let me go ahead. She laughs and says feeding the hungry is great dharma, you have to enter my mouth. He takes a big avatar. She says you want to show me illusion. She also takes a big avatar. He takes the name of Rama and grows up. She says you have no option but to come in my mouth.

He says as you wish, Mata. He enters her mouth. He utters the name of Rama and it comes out of his mouth. She says you cheated me again. He says no, his smartness and strength, I entered your mouth, you failed to eat me, it’s not my fault, I passed the exam, now come in your real form and make me yours. Give darshan. She takes a beautiful form. She says good Hanuman, I am Nagamata Sorsa, no one can cross this ocean without my permission, you passed my test, you proved that you are very smart. He says allow me to find Sita. She blesses him and says go, success awaits you.

He flies forward. Trijata fetches water for Sita. She says I got this water with difficulty, I got to know that Akshay is far away. Sita says no, I can’t risk you, I am already guilty of Ekjata’s death, Akshay will kill you if he gets to know about your sympathy, I accept to die, but I don’t want my reason. Someone died from I have entrusted my fate to Mahadev, now he will decide. The wind blows.

Squirrels find food for Sita. Sita and Trijata smile and are shocked. Birds also take berries for Sita. Terijata says Kamal, nature has arranged food for you, you are blessed, I believe one who does selfless work gets help from nature, your love has won. Sita says Mahadev’s sign, I have to live for Rama, he is coming for me, his message will come soon. Hanuman flies and gets stuck on a splash of water. An Asura appears and scares him.

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