Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Someone enters Shakti’s room through the curtain, the goon mistakes it for Shakti. The lights suddenly turn off. Raghunath did so and returned it. He keeps turning the lights on and off. The man puts food on the table for the bully and goes to sleep. The goon thinks that it must be Shakti, but in reality it is Nandu in the veil. Shakti jumps from the house to the other side.

Dharam holds Manorama’s hand so she thinks he has chosen her but he holds Koil’s other hand, he says I want you both. Manorma says you can’t choose us together. Dharma says ok, I can’t choose between my love and my mother. I would rather die. He jumps in front of a car and gets injured. Everyone flocked to him. Manorama slaps him hard and asks if he thought about his mother before doing this. Dharma says I can’t live without Koil but can’t leave you either. Koil says you were going to die for me? I promise I will never marry anyone but you. Manorma says I have lost my son. Dharma says you gave me my love. You introduced me to Quill. Koil says she is fine, you made me realize that I love Dharma. She hugs him and whispers that she won’t leave him for doing all this to him, she is Mandra’s daughter and will make sure he pays for it but she marries Dharma at all costs. Will do.

Shakti is trying to find the place where Shiva can be. She looks around and sees the video Mandra showed her. She says I don’t get any clue from this video.

Dharma pleads Manorama to accept their love, she smiles and says ok. He thanks her and leaves with Quill. Uncle asked why she agreed. Manorma says this marriage will not happen at any cost.

Koil reaches her house with Dharma. Shakti hides and gets confused. Koil holds Dharam’s hand and says there is no one like him, he says you are flirting with him? She could do anything with him, he was hers from now on. Quill kissed her cheek. Shakti gets shocked and comes out from hiding. She asks what is happening. Dharma got scared seeing him. He actually says.. Koil says we love each other.

Manorma tells uncle that Koil has trapped Dharma, I won’t let him go.

Shakti asks Dharma what is happening. Manorama will not leave you if he finds out. Manorma calls him but he hangs up. Shakti says I can’t handle all this, I have to go and find Shiva. Dharma asked what happened? She looks anxiously at Quill. Dharma says you can trust him, just tell us. Shakti tells them everything and how Mandra kidnapped Shiva. Koil says mom is lost, I will go and talk to her. Dharam stops her and says I love you but it will be dangerous to talk to my mother. Shakti says she can kill Shiva if she gets to know that I am out. Koil says I know, I am with you. Shakti says I don’t know where to find Shiva. Koil finds a mark on the wall, Shakti says I think Shiva made this map when he was leaving home. I think he followed that path. Dharam says its disturbing, we can call police. Shakti says no, I think we can do it. Quill puts it in the maps and says we have to go there. They all drive away.

Shiva is crying in pain and asks Shakti, she vomits blood.

Shakti reaches outside the mango grove and says I am sure Shiva is inside.

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