Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Someone drags Shakti into the store room and she is shocked to see Nandu, Dadi and Raghunath there. Shakti says you all here? Dadi says you told us a lot so we just wanted to say goodbye before leaving home. Raghunath says he has insulted me so much, I can’t even show my face to anyone. Nandu says I feel ashamed to be associated with him. Shakti starts crying then Dadi laughs and says you thought you will lie and we will believe what you say?

Manorma and Chacha catch Dharma and Koil on a date. A flashback shows how he drained petrol from her bike so he could catch her. She says to Dharam that Mandra tortured my daughters and I told you to trap this girl, your mission was only to fool her by bringing her in your team but you only fell in love with her? Quill is shocked and says it was all planned? Manorma says yes and it is nothing compared to what your mother did to my daughters, she tortured Shakti and killed Ramjham. Quill says it was all a lie. Dharma says it was like that but then I really fell in love with you. Manorma was shocked to hear this.

Shiv cries in pain and says I can’t breathe. Mandra sees the video, Tiger asks if he should be killed. Mandra says keep him alive till Kirtan comes out of jail. Ramjham sees him and says you are very cruel, he is a pious person so stop him. Mundra says now you are preaching me but where were your values when you were blinded by kirtan money and turned against your own family?

Dadi says to Shakti that we knew our Shakti can never harm us, Raghunath says we knew you were made to do this. Shakti says Shiv.. Dadi says we know she has been kidnapped by Mandra. Nandu says I heard everything and saw Shiva too. A flashback shows how Nandu sees a goon in Shakti’s room and how he threatens to show him Shiva’s video. Shakti cries and says Mandra has poisoned Shiva and I have only 10 hours to save him.

Manorama tells Dharma that it is not love and just infatuation, she asks Dharma to come with her. Dharam says we were wrong from the beginning, Koil is innocent and I love him. I want to marry her. Manorma drags her and says I will make sense in you. Koil sees her dragging him and shouts I love you Dharma. He runs to her and they hug each other.

Ram Jhum tells Mandra that she made a mistake in loving Kirtan. Mandra says you went against me so you will get punished. If you don’t want Shiva in any more trouble, keep quiet. Ramjham says I will not say a word but will not hurt Shiva.

Manorama tells Dharma to open your eyes, this girl is trapping you. Quill says we love each other. Chacha says you both fell in love so soon? Dharma says love knows no boundaries, I love her. Manorma says then you have to choose between her and me. I am asking to repay the duties that I have done for you over the years. Do you want him or your mother? Dharma is watching.

Dadi tells Shakti that we will find Shiva. Do you have any clue? Shakti says Shiva went to mango grove. I can’t leave the house to find him. Nandu says we will find him. I can do anything for Shiva. Shakti says our family unity is stronger than Mandra’s hatred. I promise to find Shiva.

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