Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shiv Shakti (Zee) Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Shakti comes out of the house and notices that Shiv has already left. Gayatri reassures Shakti, saying she’ll be able to calm Shiv down later. Shakti expresses relief that he’s gone because now he doesn’t have to go to college. Gayatri insists on the importance of attending classes, but Shakti assures her that he’ll manage and plans to expose Mandira instead. He decides to sneak back inside through the back door to avoid anyone noticing he didn’t go to college.

Meanwhile, Mandira is getting ready to leave when Rimjhim arrives, visibly upset. Rimjhim explains she needs to meet Keertan no matter what because she knows he misses her too. Mandira, preoccupied, tells her she has an important errand to run. As she picks up her bag, some cash falls out, shocking Rimjhim. She questions Mandira about the money, who claims she intended to use it to bail out her son, Keertan, from jail. Rimjhim trusts Mandira completely and agrees to help her, prompting Mandira to share her plan with her.

Back in her room, Shakti jumps back through the window and calls Gayatri, informing her that no one saw him. He instructs her to keep an eye on Mandira and update him on her activities.

Meanwhile, Shiv arrives at the hospital and inquires about Shakti, but the nurse informs him that she hasn’t shown up. Worried, Shiv thinks Shakti needs to prioritize her studies as she’s missing too many classes.

Despite feeling guilty for not being with Shiv, Shakti is determined to expose Mandira and reveal her involvement in Gauri’s death. Gayatri informs her that Mandira hasn’t left her room yet. Shakti urges Gayatri to keep monitoring her, suspecting she’ll leave soon. Gayatri soon spots Mandira leaving and informs Shakti. Shakti quickly jumps out of the window and follows her, with Gayatri trailing behind. Rimjhim notices them and assumes they’re following Mandira. She tries calling Mandira, but Mandira ignores her call, assuming Rimjhim is upset about Keertan again.

As Mandira drives away, Shakti and Gayatri follow her. Mandira spots Shakti through the window and is puzzled as she believes Shakti is still in college.

Meanwhile, Shiv grows increasingly concerned about Shakti skipping her classes and wonders what could be so important to keep her away.

In another part of town, Dharam meets Koyal in the market and offers her flowers as a gesture of apology. Koyal accepts the apology, and Dharam gives her flowers as a symbol of friendship. Then, he offers her a red rose, intending to confess his love for her, but their moment is interrupted by Manorama’s arrival.

Back on the road, Shakti records a video of Mandira handing money to a goon to stop him from blackmailing her. Gayatri recognizes the goon and recalls encountering him seven years ago when he disguised himself as a priest and tricked her into taking his prasad before sending her on a boat trip with Shiv and Gauri. Shakti decides to send the video to Shiv. Upon receiving it, Shiv is furious and vows not to forgive Mandira this time.

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