Shaitani Rasmein 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Shaitani Rasmein 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shaitani Rasmein 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Episode starts Vikram stops Piyush and tells that he doesn’t know how to answer Dayan, why Nikki is sent to hospital and says what will I say if you go too. Piyush says tell me. Vikram refuses and asks Prateek and Bhavani Singh to catch him. Piyush gestured to Sumitra. Prateek and Bhavani take her to the room. Piyush climbs down from the balcony and gets into his jeep. Soudamini sees Piyush leaving, and takes someone’s bike and follows him. Dayan asks Maha Shaitan to come before him and asks him to accept his big gift. She nods her head.

In the ambulance, the doctor told her that she had little time and if she was late, she would die. Aarohi tells Sumitra that she has risked Nikki’s life and says if Piyush doesn’t reach her on time? Sumitra asks what are you saying, and says it is a fight against Dayan, and if I could, I would have done it myself, but Nikki is the only one who can do it. She hopes that Piyush will not fail. Vikram listens and asks what is she saying? Soudamini follows Piyush. Vikram says Piyush is locked in his room, then how will he fail. Sumitra says I mean he should control himself else he will fail and we all will fail. Piyush shouts and asks the driver to stop the ambulance. The driver stops the ambulance. Piyush tries to go in, but the doctor stops him.

Sumitra asks are you doubting me as Vikram doesn’t believe her. Vikram says he is not doubting it. Aarohi says what Ami said is true. Piyush gives injection to Nikki. Doctor comes and says she is gone. Piyush asks Nikki to come back. Nikki regains consciousness. The doctor asked what is happening. Piyush says he doesn’t have time to explain and apologizes. Soudamini is walking as the bike stops on the way, and sees the ambulance and the doctor and staff drinking tea at the stall. She checks into the ambulance and asks for the doctor. The doctor said that the patient’s husband came and took her away. Soudamini thinks Nikki didn’t have a heart attack, she acted, it was all her plan. She quietly sits in the ambulance and drives away while the doctors and staff are shocked.

Nikki and Piyush are in the jeep. Sumitra calls Piyush. Piyush calls Nikki. Sumitra apologizes to Nikki for risking her life without her knowledge. Nikki says all is fair in love and war and says they will win. Sumitra says such a brave girl you, can never defeat. She asks to get back with Maya before Chaya comes back.

Maha Shaitan appears and tells that he is happy with her and puts his head on her body, and asks what she wants. Diane smiled. Piyush and Nikki are on the way to reach the cave. They have tea on the way. They reach this place and explore the cave. Nikki remembers, identifies the cave and tells Piyush. Soudamini reached there.


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