Shaitani Rasmein 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Shaitani Rasmein 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shaitani Rasmein 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode opens with Diane revealing that she has drunk Nicky’s blood seven times, and that his blood must have mixed with her by now, and she can feel her strength in him. What’s happening to me, she says, as her eyes turn red, and she feels contractions in her body and growls through her extended teeth. Friend asked what is happening to you? Dayan returns to normal and laughs at his newfound strength. She says your blood has surprised me. Malik Shaitan comes there and calls Chaya.

Sumitra tells Piyush that she and Nikki will go to that place and free Maya’s soul and revive her. Aarohi comes to her and tells that Chaya’s room is broken and she is not there. They come there. Sumitra calls Chaya and asks where is she? Where does she think she went?

Malik asks Chaya why Nikki has become weak and asks if she is drinking his blood. Diane explains that she brought Nicky’s blood for her, and offers it to her. She says Nikki’s blood is only yours. She turns to leave and says to herself 2 drops for you and 2 drops for me. She says she doesn’t care about Malik’s informer and tells when she is going to defeat Malik. Piyush says I and Nikki will go to find Maya’s soul. Sumitra says if Dayan comes and asks Vikram? A heartbeat can help, she says. Piyush asked what is this? Aarohi says she didn’t know.

Dayan is doing bad pooja. Rachna comes to Nikki and gives her food. She asks why are you looking weak? Nikki starts eating, and feels chest pains. Rachna calls everyone worried. Sumitra says time starts now and calls everyone. Dayan Maha asks Satan to accept his sadhana. Maha Shaitan accepts it. Dayan says she is very happy.

Suguna checks on Nikki and tells Sumitra that Nikki’s pulse is breaking. Piyush asks what happened to her. Sumitra asked what are you saying? She says save my daughter-in-law at any cost. She signs Piyush to rest. Suguna says that Nikki will be taken to the hospital immediately. Sumitra says call ambulance. Vikram says Nikki can’t be taken to a hospital outside Bhorangarh. She says if Chaya finds out that Nikki is sick, she will destroy us.

Dayan is still meditating to please Maha Shaitan. Maha Shaitan appears in front of Dayan. Ambulance comes there. Piyush takes Nikki inside the ambulance and tells her that Nikki is acting natural. Sumitra tells her that Nikki is not acting, and tells that she has only 15 minutes, and after that she will die. Piyush was shocked. The nurse forces Nikki to put on an oxygen mask. Sumitra asks Piyush to take care of himself and asks him to give antidote to Nikki in 15 minutes. Then she asks the ambulance to go. Soudamini wonders why they want to send Nikki to the hospital. The ambulance leaves. Nikki breathes heavily and is fragile.

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