Shaitani Rasmein 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Shaitani Rasmein 18th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shaitani Rasmein Doriyaan 18 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The story begins with Vikram asking Bhavani and Suguna how they are feeling. They say they feel very weak, like they’ve lost all their strength. Sumitra feels sorry for them. Vikram tries to reassure them, saying everything will be okay. He notices Nikki and scolds her, asking if she can help them regain their strength. Nikki says sorry to him. Vikram tells her not to make things worse and says they’re all suffering because of her. Then a witch named Daayan appears and tells them to water the garden and clean the dust. Everyone goes to the garden. Daayan makes the royal family work like servants. Saudamini watches and thinks they are foolish to accept this.

Nikki sees Saudamini treating them badly and kicking Vikram. She comments that he doesn’t have the strength of a mason. She tells Prateik to massage her feet, saying his blood is strong. She tells Vikram to move a chair. Nikki takes the chair and leaves. She feels helpless because of a promise she made to Piyush.

Saudamini tells Daayan about Nikki and Kapalika’s fight, mentioning that Nikki was chanting a prayer. Daayan says that’s why Kapalika is in bad shape. Vikram tells Sumitra he can’t take it anymore. He notices her hands are sore from washing dishes and cries. Aarohi gives water to Prateik. Nikki wonders what to do because Daayan is powerful. She thinks about attacking Daayan with her blood.

Daayan tells them they should be afraid of her now. She says her thirst for blood isn’t satisfied with Suguna’s blood and she needs young blood. Saudamini smirks. Daayan goes to the servant’s room and attacks a young servant, while the others try to stop her.

Rachna calls for help. She sees a lot of blood and tells Sumitra. They all gather in the hall. Vikram asks whose blood it is. The servants say Daayan attacked Lalu. They go to Daayan’s room and find blood everywhere, along with Lalu’s body parts. Daayan is resting on a bed of blood. She laughs and says she feels strong now. Everyone is shocked. Daayan licks the blood on her hand and tells them to get used to it. She says she’s wanted to do this for years and now she can whenever she wants. She laughs again.

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