Shaitani Rasmein 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Shaitani Rasmein 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Shaitani Rasmein Doriyaan 15 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode commences with Saudamini adorning Daayan in Sumitra’s saree, meticulously doing her makeup, and accessorizing her with jewelry. She praises Daayan’s beauty, addressing her as Chaaya ji, expressing her eagerness to serve her. Meanwhile, Nikki confronts Piyush about the unjust actions of Daayan towards their mother and questions why they continue to endure such a life.

Piyush responds resignedly, acknowledging their lack of control over the situation. As Daayan emerges, Vikram extends a warm welcome and invites her to accompany him. Daayan reminds him of her title, to which Vikram respectfully addresses her as Maharani ji. Introducing Prateik as his elder son, Vikram unknowingly incites Daayan’s internal thoughts of future retribution.

Daayan seeks affirmation of her appearance from Vikram, who compliments her beauty, particularly her waist. Subsequently, Vikram escorts her on a tour of the haveli. Piyush, in a moment of solidarity with Nikki, pledges not to take any action. Meanwhile, Prateik accuses Nikki of instigating trouble due to her altercation with Kapalika, highlighting the consequences of their luxurious lifestyle. Nikki, however, emphasizes the importance of self-respect above all else, citing Daayan’s humiliation of their parents. Prateik shifts blame onto Nikki, accusing her of harboring violent intentions against their family.

Vikram escorts Daayan to his room, where she expresses her fondness for the space and declares her intention to stay there. She remarks on the abundance of wealth bestowed upon Vikram by Malik, contrasting it with her previous existence in the desert. Urging Vikram to leave, he complies. Daayan then proceeds to darken the walls of the room and settles onto the comfortable bed, admiring its softness. She marvels at the pedestal fan, surprised by its ability to provide a cool breeze.

Meanwhile, Nikki confides in Piyush, attributing the unfolding situation to her own actions and expressing fear of Daayan’s impending presence and torment. She expresses a willingness to endure any hardship but cannot bear the thought of her parents being insulted.

Piyush reveals to Nikki that while they were aware of Kapalika, they were unaware of Daayan’s existence, cautioning that she is even more perilous than Kapalika. He explains their silence about Kapalika stemmed from fear. Meanwhile, Daayan, enamored with her reflection in the mirror, overhears Suguna’s conversation. Commanding the mirror to reveal the events unfolding elsewhere, she witnesses Suguna preparing Sumitra and urging her to beseech Malik to remove Daayan. Sensing a threat to her own existence, Daayan uses her powers to ensnare Suguna’s hair, dragging her away.

Sumitra gasps in shock and calls out for Suguna. Hurriedly, she rushes downstairs, and soon everyone else gathers around. Their attention is drawn to Chaaya, who stands on the balcony, berating Suguna, who hangs suspended in the air. Accusing Suguna of planning to complain to Malik about her, Chaaya metes out punishment, instructing Suguna to remain suspended all through the night. Threatening others to leave, Chaaya warns of similar consequences if they linger. Reluctantly, Nikki remains behind even as the others depart. Eventually, Piyush intervenes, leading Nikki away from the unsettling scene. Meanwhile, the witch drains Suguna’s blood, vowing to leave just enough to sustain her. Dismissing Suguna’s feeble blood as lacking in potency, the witch craves the vitality of youth. For now, she settles for Suguna’s blood, though she longs for a more enticing source. Amidst this, she overhears Nikki confiding in Piyush about her inability to bear her parents’ humiliation.

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