Radha Mohan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Radha Mohan 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Punam asks Yug what has he done to Manan, Yug threatens to take his own life if she tries to ruin his plan. Manan in the class room tries to turn on the lights.Radhika is asking the Inspector what has he done about her son, he says they have circulated the information to everyone and I she does not believe him then can ask her husband, Radhika hugs Mohan without looking who is standing in front of her.

Some time earlier, the Inspector gives the letter to the constable when he asks Yug to not be worried when Yug says that the Inspector should try his best otherwise if his son is not found then he would surely kill someone. Mohan asks Meera to take Sargam home when he has informed everyone, Meera says he can call her if there is anything that she can do, Mohan says Misses Kholi would be more tensed about Manan and he does not know what she would be feeling, Yug is really furious when Meera asks Sargam to come so they both leave, Radhika in the auto asks the driver to hurry up. Manan in the classroom takes off the coat while screaming for his mother.

Meera reaches the house with Sargam when Gungun asks her if they found Manan, Meera informs that the police have registered the complaint so Gungun should not be worried as they will find him Sargam says she is very scared as she saw in the movies that when someone is kidnapped then they kill the child, Ajeet asks Sargam to not think like this as they will surely find Manan, Ketki requests if Meera can take Sargam to the room. Ketki angrily says that Radha was always showing attitude ever since they met so she is glad that Manan got kidnapped, Gungun asks what is she saying when Ketki replies that Radha has really caused pain to their family and even done a lot of bad things so she prays that Manan dies, Ajeet gets furious so slaps Ketki warning her to keep quiet, he says that she was feeling bad for Manan at the Holi party when she did not know his mother, he says she should keep the rivalry between herself and Radha as what if this all happened to their daughter Sargam explaining that they both forgot to pick their daughter and it was Mohan bhai who reached on time, Ketki asks if Ajeet can hear what he is saying, he says that she cannot even listen such words against Sargam but what about Radha who is suffering this all, he says she should think like a mother explaining one should not hate anyone while forgetting their humanity, Gungun slowly walks away.

Manan even takes off his tie from around his neck, he thinks that it is very hot so looks at the switches but is not able to reach them, he starts pulling the table with all his strength however is not able to do it, Manan thinks he is thirsty so needs water, he slowly walks to his bag from where he takes out the water bottle, Manan remembers when his mother told him to not drink water so quickly but drink it slowly as this helps their body absorb the water efficiently, so he exclaims his mother used to say they should drink the water one sip at a time so he follows the same pattern. Manan getting emotional says he si missing his mother. Radhika in the auto asks him to hurry up and even demands they should leave the way.

Gungun goes to the Mandir thinking how she applied the bandage to the injury of Manan and was even playing with him at the Holi when he threw the colors on her, she exclaims that she neither used to believe in Bhagwan yesterday nor would ask anything today but she says Manan is a young child and what does he have in all this explaining Radha must be punished for wronging them but not like this, she says Manan calls her as his sister and even she considers him the same, Gungun says Manan believes in Ba Kai Bihari jee so they should not let anything happen to him otherwise their quarrel is never going to end, she keeps crying.

Manan sitting in the classroom says he is missing his mother who used to say they should remember Ba Kai Bihari jee as he will surely send someone to help them and he knows Ba Kai Bihari jee will surely send someone to help him, Manan starts praying while start reciting the Mantar which Radha used to recite, even Mohan sitting at the police station is reciting the same Mantar.

The Inspector comes informing Yug they have sent the photo of his son to every police station and the entire Delhi police is searching so Yug asks what about if they leave the city as they must inform everyone so they can catch them on the border, the Inspector agrees.

Yug gets a call so decides to walk out when he asks Mohan if he is fine so Yug says that it is not his wife. Punam asks Yug what happened to Manan when Yug says that Manan got kidnapped right in front of his eyes and he was not able to stop them. Punam questions what has he done to her, Yug asks how was she able to catch him even when he was acting, Yug says that after what he has done to Manan no one would be able to find him so he is going to die. Punam angrily asks Yug what has he done to Manan, Yug says that it is important for her that if she tells anyone about it, Punam questions what would he do saying she does not care for her life, Yug asks if she cares for his life when Yug threatens that if Punam tells anyone about his plan then he is going to take his own life explaining she is his mother so knows he fulfills his threats and she might lose her own son while trying to save the children of others, Yug says she has a choice either to save her own son or the step Grandson, Punam asks why is he doing it all and what has he done to Manan, Yug ends the call, Punam is startled an he wonders why do they get so melodramatic when they should chill at such an age, the constable comes to Mohan asking him to come as they have to fill some formalities.

Radhika runs to the Inspector asking him what has happened about her son Manan, Mohan hearing the voice realizes that Misses Kholi has arrived, Mohan walking behind her is just staring at her, the Inspector informs Radhika they have alerted all of the police station in Delhi and all the cars are being checked when if she does not trust them then can ask her husband. Mohan slowly places his hand on her shoulder, Radhika hugs him tightly without seeing his face as the lights turn off, Inspector says he has to check why the electrician did not come, Mohan does not embrace Radhika who is still hugging him, he then slowly starts to hold her close to him while also being emotional.

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