Radha Mohan 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Radha Mohan 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Manan keeps screaming for help but no one listens, Radhika in the auto prays that till she reaches Manan nothing should happen. Yug suggests they should go to the police station when Mohan says Yug went in the school for some work and it might be possible that Manan followed him in the school. Yug thinks if Mohan finds Manan then his plan would be ruined.

Some time earlier, Mohan greets Manan but then asks Yug where is he as Yug said he was in the car, when Yug also starts acting as if he is searching for Manan, Yug gets a call from Radhika so thinks he cannot answer her call as then she might surely come here when he turns and then Mohan comes asking what has happened, he sees Yug is getting the call from Radhika so informs him, Yug replies that if he answers the call then would have to tell her that Manan is missing when he does not want it, Yug suddenly starts suffocating Sody asking where is his child, Mohan then breaks Yug free from Sody saying that he knows if Sody is saying he does not know it then it is the truth, he also asks Sody if he saw where did Manan went after getting out of the car.

Radhika tells Punamn how she feels she should go to the school when Punam asks if she is sure as Yug might be coming back home with Manan and so Radhika says she wants to believe everything Punam is saying then she wants to believe it but must herself go to the school, Punam thinks she convinced Radhika but what about herself when she does not know what Yug might do in his madness.

Mohan is with Sody who says that he does not know where the child went, Yug suggests they should go to the police station, the guards come running to them asking what has happened, Yug hesitantly informs his son is missing, Mohan mentions he is the same age as Sargam but both the guards say they donot know anything.

Punam following Radhika says she should immediately inform her once she finds Manan as she would not be calm otherwise, Radhika agrees saying it is possible they are being worried without any reason and Manan is with Yug, Punam says she should go carefully.

Yug says he is sure they are just wasting time and should go to the police, Mohan stops saying Yug went into the school for some work and suggests is it possible that Manan might have gone to the school after him, Yug hesitantly says it is not possible but Mohan replies it is possible as children follow their parents so he asks the guards if they can go inside the school. Manan gets tired while trying to call for hep, Yug exclaims the biggest mistake of his life is that he should have taken care of Mohan before Manan, Yug thinks if Mohan finds Manan then his entire plan would be ruined, Yug tries to think of a plan and then sees a van driving by, Yug starts yelling at the van hearing which Mohan and the guards run to him so they all leave.

Radhika in the auto wonders why is she feeling so restless and so prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee to make sure Manan is save an says she is coming to him.

Mohan along with Yug, Sargam and event he guards are running after the van but Mohan suddenly stops, Yug says they kidnapped his son which shocks Sargam, the guards agree explaining that the cases of kidnapping have increased, Mohan asks Yug to not be worried saying they will file a complaint at the police station. Yug gets in the car of Mohan and leaves, Radhika reaches in the auto at the school when she sees the car of Yug. The guards are talking about who might have kidnapped the child and they pray that the child is safe, Radhika sees the car of Yug so thinks he might have gone inside to pick him, Radhika wonders what would Yug an Manan be doing inside the school when it is empty. Manan keeps calling to his teacher and parents but no one responds, Manan slowly starts walking towards the back of the class and he gets dizzy wondering why is he not able to speak, he falls on the floor. Radhika is about to open the classroom when the guard calls her, Manan tries to crawl when the guard asks what is she doing here, Radhika says the car of her husband is parked outside and this means that both her son and husband are inside, when the guard tries to say that no one is here. Radhika gets a call from Yug who says he is at the police station, Radhika asks the reason so Yug replies Manan has been kidnapped, Radhika asks Yug to not joke saying nothing can happen, yug asks Radhika to not cry as even he would lose hope. Yug says he has talked with the Inspector who is trying his best and they will surely find Manan so she should take care of herself, Manan is trying his best to crawl towards the door, Radhika asks Yug where is he at so Yug says the police station near the school and she says she is coming in ten minutes, Manan requests her mother to not go saying he is here, Yug keeps knocking on the door but the guard leaves along with Radhika, Manan starts crying saying his mother left so how will he leave, he exclaims that his father might come.

Yug says he is holing his hands in front of the Inspector who should do anything to find his son explaining he will die, Yug says his wife would not be able to bear it asking if the Inspector is understanding his concern so requests the Inspector to find his son. The constable asks the other associate if he has called the electrician when Meera asks Yug to calm down but he says that his entire body is shivering so what can he do when they kidnapped his son in front of his eyes, The Inspector asks if Yug noted the number of the van, Yug asks if the Inspector would be able to note the number while his son was being kidnapped, Yug says he was left shocked and how could he notice it, the Inspector replies that if he does not know the number then it would be difficult to find his son, Yug thinks this is what he wanted to hear so asks if the Inspector can understand what he is saying and would he not able to see his son. Mohan says he has the number of the van, Yug asks how is it possible when Mohan informs when he was chasing the van, he took the photo from the back revealing the number which he shows to the Inspector revealing the number can be seen. Yug is a bit stressed, the Inspector thanks Mohan as he solved half of the problem as now they would find the son of Yug easily, he says that now they will surely find the son of Yug., Inspector calls the constable to find the address of the owner of the van while even ordering the police to stop the van as this is a kidnapping case, Inspector writes the number of the van on the paper, Yug says Mohan is the Shani of his Kundali as he ruined the entire plan, Yug says that they would surely not be able to find Mohan in a few days, he is furious.

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