Radha Mohan 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Radha Mohan Doriyaan 25 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Mohan sat on the chair, expressing his anticipation that once the formalities of the house were completed, he might even find her. Gungun approached, inquiring about whom he was speaking. Mohan swiftly closed his laptop, stating he meant finding the house, as they were fortunate to have found such a nice one. Gungun hoped he referred to the house, not someone they didn’t want to encounter in their lives. Mohan indicated that she herself was the subject of his conversation. When Gungun requested to see the laptop, Mohan refused. Gungun persisted, even climbing onto the couch. Mohan relented on the condition that she hand over her iPad, but she refused, citing her need for privacy. Mohan reminded her that as her father, they should agree not to pry into each other’s affairs. They shook hands, just as Meera entered, asserting that no one could outwit the father. Gungun remarked on Mohan’s simplicity, suggesting even Sargam could take advantage of him. Mohan was puzzled until Gungun revealed Sargam had claimed it was her day off, which Mohan had apparently agreed to. Meera and Gungun departed, leaving Mohan alone on the couch, contemplating that no one should discover his ongoing search for Radha, despite the pain she had caused him and Gungun. He couldn’t explain why he persisted, only that he followed his instincts.

Meanwhile, Radhika prayed in the Mandir as an employee reminded her they were nearly going live. Despite her persistent hiccups, she brushed them off until they became unbearable. Recalling moments with Mohan, she wondered who was remembering her so intensely. Despite attempting to distract herself, the hiccups persisted, drawing the attention of her colleagues as she downed an entire bottle of water.

Elsewhere, Yug sat while his mother tended to his injury, reminiscing about an incident with Radhika involving sindoor. He declared his deep love for her, insisting she could never leave him. His mother cautioned him about obsessive love and its potential consequences, but Yug remained adamant in his belief in Radhika’s unwavering love for him.

As Radhika began her show with a smile, discussing the upcoming festival of Holi, Yug continued to profess his love for Radhika, convinced she would never leave him.

Back at Mohan’s house, he contemplated his achievements but longed for the peace and fulfillment of finding Radha. When the doorbell rang, he hoped it was someone who could lead him to her. To his surprise, it was Yug, inviting him to a Holi event. Mohan hesitantly accepted, wary of his family’s unpredictable behavior. As they conversed, Sargam playfully teased Yug, and Mohan introduced her as his niece. Despite initial tension, Mohan agreed to attend the Holi event, only for Yug to discover a revealing wallpaper on Mohan’s phone, leaving Mohan puzzled by Yug’s reaction.

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