Radha Mohan 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 20th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Radha Mohan Doriyaan 20 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Manan relayed to Radhika that injuries are merely a consequence of attempting something, emphasizing that fear won’t lead them to achieve anything. Curious about the origin of this wisdom, Radhika questioned Manan, but he swiftly darted into the house without offering an answer, prompting her to pursue him.

Meanwhile, Gungun, strolling down memory lane, remembered Radha’s similar habit of chasing after her. Intrigued, she dashed out to investigate, only to find nothing.

As she headed back towards the house, she stumbled upon an ear pod. Thinking she had stumbled upon a lost item, she picked it up, only to be interrupted by Mohan’s voice. Mohan, upon hearing Gungun, questioned how she had ended up with Ketki, prompting her to show him the ear pod. Despite his suspicion, Gungun insisted she had merely found it outside and had no interest in playing pranks.

Mohan expressed frustration over the value of the ear pods, leading both Meera and Gungun to chime in simultaneously about their cost. Mohan, sensing collusion, questioned whether they had rehearsed their responses. He then lectured them on the value of hard work, lamenting the ease with which they could replace expensive items.

Gungun retorted, criticizing Khatar for his stinginess and highlighting the difference in values between generations. Meera and Gungun admonished Khatar together, with Meera remarking that Mohan was still youthful despite his age. Gungun playfully teased her father, remarking on his childlike behavior. Mohan, unsure whether he was being mocked or praised, accepted the latter from both Gungun and Meera.

As the conversation continued, Mohan reflected on the evolving bond between family members, acknowledging its complexities. Gungun jokingly agreed with Khatar’s assessment of Mohan’s age, while Mohan pondered the mysteries of the house and the person who had brought him there.

Elsewhere, Gungun inquired about Manan’s well-being and the source of his newfound wisdom. Manan, asserting his intelligence, evaded her questions, prompting her to instruct him to retreat to his room. Radhika, on the other hand, grappled with a sense of impending reunion with someone from her past, praying silently that their paths never crossed again. Mohan, however, anticipated their encounter eagerly.

Yug interrupted Mohan’s reverie, prompting Mohan to question Gungun’s changed voice. Yug explained the delay, citing necessary repairs before they could finalize the deal. Mohan expressed his fondness for the house’s ambiance, attributing it to Yug’s wife’s efforts. After some confusion, Mohan clarified that he admired the house itself, not Yug’s wife. Despite Meera’s suggestion to complete the renovations themselves, both Mohan and Yug disagreed. Mohan agreed to let Yug’s wife continue her work on the house, and they congratulated each other on the impending deal.

Prior to finalizing the deal, Yug insisted that Mohan meet his grandmother, who held a key position in the society. Mohan agreed, eager to proceed with the formalities. However, a minor incident involving the laborers scratching the wall led to tension, with Yug reprimanding them for prolonging the work. Mohan reassured Yug of his commitment to the house, regardless of any delays.

Meanwhile, Radhika awaited Yug’s return impatiently, while Mohan explained the situation to his family. Despite Meera’s criticism of the house deal, she expressed happiness at the prospect of their proximity. Gungun, however, vehemently rejected Meera’s attempts to establish a maternal bond, denouncing their relationship as false and the promises associated with it as empty.

As tensions simmered, Mohan contemplated the significance of their new home and the relationships it would foster.

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