Radha Mohan 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Radha Mohan 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Radhika wonders how did the photo of Manan break an she feels why is she so worried over such a small thing, Yug is standing saying that no one would be able to save him, Mohan pats him from behind asking where is the small one so Yug says he would be waiting in the car, Mohan while walking with Sargam tries to look in the car so asks Yug where is Manan, Yug gets shocked.

Some time earlier, Yug after hitting Manan locks him in the classroom when Manan starts shouting at the door calling to his mother and father, Yug says now Manan would find out that just as he has ruined his life then he will even mix death into his life, Yug leaves with a smile on his face when Manan is calling to his mother, but the school is empty.

Radhika while packing her clothes thinks even fate is playing a game with her but no matter how far she tries to go from Mohan but he comes close to her, she thinks she left Varandhwan to get away from Mohan but he also came to Mumbai and today he even came to the radio station so he was about to see her face, she prays that when she returns to Mumbai he would have left the house after which their connections would also end. Radhika accidentally hits the photo of Manan which breaks, she wonders why did it break and then suddenly wonders why is she feeling so tensed over such a small thing and feeling that Manan is in some sort of problem, she starts breathing heavily. Punam comes from behind with a smile on her face so Radhika asks if she has some work when Punamn questions would she have to need an excuse to meet her, Radhika sitting on the bed says Punam can come at any time as she wanted to meet her before going to Barsana, Punam says that Radhika is leaving so the house would get empty and even Manan is going it her, Punam asks where is he when Radhika says Yug has gone to pick him up and they both would be on the way when Punam gets worried so asks if Yug has gone to pick him up. Radhika says that she broke the photo of Manan and must not say that something bad has happened but she is feeling very tensed as if something bad is about to happen, Punam holding the photo remembers when Yug said Manan is preventing him from being one with Radhika and he vowed to end the problem so Punam thinks that if this is actually an indication to something horrible so asks Radhika toc all Yug and find out.

Yug is scaring when he starts singing in the hall after sliding down the stairs exclaiming that he died after his father hit him, Yug is enjoying his time and even starts laughing saying it is fun as he feels they should go to school at every age, he gets a all from Radhika so thinks he cannot answer her call because right now he is making their future bright and ending the hurdle between their love story. Yug places the phone in his pocket thinking they really enjoy sleeping on the stairs of the school. Manan keeps demanding someone to open the door, Punam ask Radhika if she is not able to call when Radhika replies Yug is not answering the call and she is worried what might have happened, Punam thinks she is even more worried and her heart want to believe that Yug is busy but her heart is forced to think that Yug might be doing something bad to Manan so wonders has he actually done something.

Manan keeps calling to his father and mother, Yug while sitting on the stairs keeps thinking of how Manan would always call him as his own father and so he gets a bit emotional before walking ahead, Manan is constantly calling for help, Yug slowly comes to stand beside the door of the class room when Manan is crying while kneeling in front of the door demanding they should open it, Yug is about to unlock the lock when he recalls how Manan make both Radhika and Mohan partners in the party, Yug stands beside the class thinking there is a lot of pain in his voice as he is screaming just like her screams and yells but no one listens to him, the same thing happens when Radhika does not give him attention. Yug says that when after two months the school would open then they would just find the skeleton of Manan, he thinks that he is a cruel father so he said Manan should not interfere between him and Radhika but he did it so must suffer, Yug says Manan was a nice child who use to greet everyone so says Bhagwan is not doing justice as he calls the nice people early, Yug leaves when Manan keeps calling his mother to help.

Mohan is greeting Sargam when he greets the teacher who asks why did he get so late as Sargam was waiting for him when all of her friends and even the staff have left, Mohan appreciates the teacher for taking care of Sargam who leaves after wishing them both, Sargam says Mohan should transfer the scolding he suffered to her parents as they just have a single daughter who is very cute and he should transfer it, Mohan says that both of them are doing business which is why could not come, Sargam says she feels better when he comes to pick her up so asks him to buy ice cream for her as she would get a low blood pressure. Mohan stops at the car when Sargam asks what happened, he asks if Manan left for home so Sargam says he went a long time ago as his father took him, Mohan then also sits in the car with Sargam before leaving.

Yug is walking out of the school when the guard stops him asking if he found the belongings of his son, Yug is stunned then realizes how he made an excuse so says that it is fine as his son might have forgotten it so he will purchase a new one, he leaves wishing Manan happy holiday explaining he should never come to his life so he wishes Manan dies without any pain. Yug says there is no one to save him he turns away when Mohan coming from behind pats him on the shoulder so Yug greets him asking how is he, Mohan says he is not bad at all and stopped as Sargam wanted to eat ice cream, Yug says he is just feeling hot and so asks Yug where is Manan when Yug replies he went to the classroom and so he took Manan to the car but then went back inside. Mohan goes to fight with the person when he is amazed seeing Sodhi and asks how is he doing, Yug comes apologizing when the Sodhi is furious so then Mohan is not able to see Manan, he asks Yug where is Manan hearing which he gets shocked.

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