Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Rabb Se Hai Dua 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Manta tells Ibadah that she doesn’t deserve a relationship, she slaps him hard. Worship says you slapped me? Manat says I am ashamed to call you my sister, I know your reality, I know why everyone used to hate you. I kept comforting you and loving you. I supported you and took your stand but if I had seen your real face I would never have supported you. Your intentions were clear from the beginning, you wanted to gain Dua’s trust so you lied about me and Farhan, you destroyed my life to gain Dua’s love. I hate you. I know your real face now. You sent Dua the location of the farmhouse to trap me and Farhan. I saw you sent that location to him. Ibadat says they have trapped me. Mant shouted, you promised me not to tell anyone about me and Farhan but you broke my promise and trust. So hell with you, hell with this marriage and hell with your stupid Subhan. Ibadat says you can say anything to me but don’t abuse Subhan. Mant asked why? You love him and want to dump him on me. Ibadat says we are just friends, he loves you a lot, please don’t break his heart. Manta says what about my feelings and heart? Should I break my heart to protect him? You did all this to gain the approval and love of this family but you destroyed me in the process, I was fine the way I was and I don’t love Subhan. Ibadat says you wore his engagement ring and your life is now with him. Manat says you are wearing his real ring so maybe your life is connected with him but you are forcing me to marry him.

Subhan remembered the universe by insulting worship. Sufi says maybe you have 2 wives, you are engaged to 2 girls. Subhan asks him to stop, I don’t understand what happened tonight. Sufi says it was not your fault, it was a misunderstanding.

Scene 2

Ibadat says to Manta that I have her ring but her heart is yours. Manat says he might be a good man but he can’t be my life partner. Obadat says then why did you marry her? Manat says wow, like you left my choice, if I didn’t say yes to him, Dua would have got me married to someone else. But only I have the right to take my decisions. Abadat says yes but atleast take care of your decisions and honor of this family, dua will break when she finds out you are lying. Manta says you will tell me about her feelings? She didn’t even like to see you, she never blessed you but you had to put me down to gain her trust. Dua is my mother from the beginning, it can be good but I promise you that I will destroy your image in front of Dua and I promise my dead father. Ibadah tells her to stop all this, you are going against your family. Manat says I will take revenge from you and Subhan, both of you will have to bear the consequences of what happened to my Farhan. Ibadah asks him to stop being blind. Farhan is not a good man. Manat says this is my life and I will decide who I want to be with and Farhan will be my life partner, Ibadah says I will not let you do that. Manta says you won’t be able to stop me, my love is going to win. People insulted me a lot but now it’s your turn, your honor will be taken away and that Subhan will be destroyed. Worship says this cannot be my manna. Manta says trusting manta is dead because of you, you have seen my love and friendship but now you will see my hate and enmity, I promise to destroy you now so best of luck. He leaves angrily.

Subhan remembers wearing a ring to Ibadat, he says why is this happening? Hafeez comes there and says God wanted to test you, you could have blamed worship like others but you didn’t, I am proud of you.

Ibadah cries and says Munnat can hate me but I won’t let her destroy my honor, Subhan or this family at any cost.

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