Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Rabb Se Hai Dua Doriyaan 26 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1:

Ibadat firmly instructs Farhan to leave before she resorts to calling the police, ultimately pushing him out of the window. Subhan enters the room and questions Ibadat about why she concealed such a significant secret from him. He expresses his disappointment, stating that as her friend, he could have helped by talking to Dua about her boyfriend. He hints at his own unrequited love for Mannat. Mannat attempts to interject, but Ibadat cuts her off, suggesting they all retire for the night. Despite Subhan’s teasing, Ibadat leaves with Mannat, while Kaynaat eavesdrops, feeling she now has an advantage.

Later, Ibadat confronts Mannat, questioning why she didn’t disclose her relationship with Farhan. She adamantly declares she will not allow Mannat to be with him, listing Farhan’s flaws including his drug use and exploitation of girls. Mannat dismisses her relationship with Farhan as merely a pastime. Ibadat lectures her on love, reminding her of their upbringing and Dua’s teachings. She questions Mannat’s refusal of Subhan’s proposal, to which Mannat remains silent.

Kaynaat informs Hina about Ibadat’s boyfriend, fueling Hina’s anger and determination to take action against her. Kaynaat sees this as an opportunity to hurt Dua, vowing to use the situation to her advantage. Hina questions Kaynaat’s intentions, to which she claims it will bring justice to Haider. She plans for Subhan to win over Mannat, leading to repercussions for Ibadat and Dua.

Ibadat presses Mannat further about rejecting Subhan due to Farhan’s influence, accusing her of sacrificing a good relationship for someone unworthy. Mannat, frustrated, defends her decision, expressing her lack of love for Subhan. She urges Ibadat to leave her alone, emphasizing her exhaustion from the situation before retiring for the night. Ibadat resolves to fulfill her promise to Subhan and prevent Mannat from ruining her life due to Farhan.

Meanwhile, Farhan seethes with anger, vowing revenge after being slapped by Ibadat.

Scene 2:

Dua wakes up from a nightmare involving Mannat, praying for her well-being. She recalls Ibadat’s assurance that Mannat’s life will be set with Subhan. Dua extends her prayers to Ibadat as well.

In the morning, Ibadat tasks Subhan with writing a song for Mannat, revealing her admiration for the film “Secret Superstar.” Subhan is taken aback by this revelation, questioning how Ibadat knows about Mannat’s preferences. Ibadat claims to have learned everything about them through Mannat. Subhan suggests Ibadat has a talent for poetry, but she denies it, urging him to focus on winning Mannat’s affection. Subhan expresses hope for Ibadat’s own love life before she leaves.

Ibadat approaches Armaan, acknowledging their mutual dislike but appealing for his help in protecting Mannat from Farhan. Armaan, who harbors feelings for Mannat, agrees to assist Ibadat.

Subhan works on composing a song for Mannat while Sufi advises him to reveal his identity as the Secret Superstar. Subhan insists on waiting until he can confide in Ibadat first, despite Sufi’s reservations about Kaynaat’s feelings towards her.

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