Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Rabb Se Hai Dua Doriyaan 15 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Subhan walks past Ibadat and approaches Mannat, surprising her. He places a ring on Mannat’s finger amidst applause. Despite the celebratory atmosphere, Mannat’s eyes linger sadly on Ibadat. Dua notices Ibadat’s tears and Mannat’s discomfort. Subhan kneels before Mannat, professing his love that has spanned years. He expresses his desire to spend his life loving her, emphasizing his unwavering devotion. Ibadat, pained by Subhan’s words, recalls Mannat’s previous flirtations with him. Subhan urges Mannat to accept his love, promising to bring her happiness. However, Dua intervenes, snatching the ring from Mannat’s finger and rebuking Subhan. She asserts her disapproval of any relationship between him and her daughter. Subhan, confused, mentions Dua’s supposed permission, but she denies ever granting it. Kaynaat worries about the consequences if Subhan reveals their conversation about the message. Dua insists that Subhan never sent any message and condemns his actions. Kaynaat defends Subhan, prompting Dua to leave, casting a sorrowful glance at Ibadat. Enraged, Kaynaat vows retribution for Dua’s actions, leaving the gathering in disarray. Guests depart, and family members follow suit, leaving behind a tense atmosphere. Gulnaz revels in the chaos, while Mannat glares at Subhan before fleeing. Ibadat watches him with sadness.

Kaynaat vents her frustration, questioning why Dua rejected her son and expressing disdain for Mannat. Hina defends Mannat, while Hafeez attempts to calm Kaynaat, who remains determined to confront Dua for hurting her son.

Hamida confronts Dua about her actions, questioning why she interfered in Subhan’s love life. Dua remains steadfast, citing her past traumas as the reason for her concern. She reveals her fear of history repeating itself and refuses to let her daughters suffer similar pain. Hamida admonishes Dua for mentioning Gaz’s name, but Dua explains her reluctance to confront her past. She cryptically hints at a connection between Subhan’s proposal to Mannat and another person’s unrequited love.

In her room, Mannat reflects on Subhan’s declaration of love and questions his sincerity, believing he loves Ibadat instead. She worries about Ibadat’s feelings.

Dua confides in Hamida that Ibadat loves Subhan, not Mannat. Heartbroken, Subhan is comforted by Ibadat, who offers the ring back, promising to advocate for his love if it’s genuine. She reassures him and pledges to speak to Dua on Mannat’s behalf.

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